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everybody has internet but you
aw mann when i got my sell fone i thought that ever1 but me had a sell fone
it turned out that i didnt even need a sell fone and i never actually use it
well. i really got it to talk to this one girl... and then she dyde like two mos. later, so
lol useless
arnnnwhaleofconfusion, what is the first thing that I need to do to solve that kind of problem ?
whaleofconfusion, when do I need to use arrow..?
rook2pawnhow do i get the following 3 lines where the 2nd is centered in LateX? i.e. "Reg\\CenteredStuff\\Reg"?
KRUSHGROOVEYeah I was just wondering something.
My book says that you can use induction on the natural numbers, but the index of the sum started at zero.
I'm just wondering how its valid if this is true.
Kasadkad`Well, you need an inductive set
That is, one in which if x is in the set, then the successor of x is in the set
KRUSHGROOVEAh right. I forgot about that definition.
KRUSHGROOVEThe natural numbers are the smallest inductive set, correct?
whaleofconfusionwhat do you mean by INDUCIVE?
Kasadkad`I take back what I said
chuck__what's the formula to find the volume of a square pyramid?
whaleofconfusionhow about Z2 where successor of x is (x+1)mod2
KRUSHGROOVEA set is inductive if x \in X => x+1 \in X.
TRWBWchuck__: you mean a square base?
whaleofconfusionZ2 = INDUCTIVE by that
TRWBWchuck__: all cones and pyramids follow the rule (1/3)*(area of base)*(height), where height is the length of the perpendicular from the apex to the plane of the base
Kasadkad`KRUSHGROOVE: You also need to have 0 in the set
chuck__*TRWBW: yea
KRUSHGROOVEKasadkad` for it to be inductive? or?
chuck__so the length of the square base is 15 ft so it's (1/3)*225*20 (20 is the height)
TRWBWchuck__: yes, like that.
Kasadkad`Eh, let's just forget the inductive set stuff, I'm not exactly sure what it is
The point is that it doesn't matter where you start the induction
If you're picky you can just translate the induction
KRUSHGROOVESo I could induct from -5?

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