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thermoplyaeBut for something like ln (a + b), you won't get anywhere
Which is what you have here
And that's why I don't think ln or e have much of anything to do with a solution to your original question
kmhthermoplyae : is your nick related to the ancient greek battle ?
thermoplyaeYes, despite its misspelling
yeah despite of the "mispelling" i always associate your nick with that, so i was wondering
godlingThere's something I'm not seeing. Multiplying by the conjugate gives me -2x/(x+sqrt(x^2+2x)). I can work it so I get 0 as the limit but that's obviously incorrect.
sorry, -2x/(x-sqrt(x^2+2x))
kmhgodling : what are you trying to do ?
thermoplyae[(x+Sqrt[x^2+2x]) is the original?
godlingyes, thermoplyae
kmh: find the limit as x approaches -infinity
kmhrationalize the denominator ?
godling : of what expression ?
thermoplyaeOf the expression I just pasted
kmhof (x+Sqrt[x^2+2x]) ?
godlingi'm not even sure that multiplying the expression by its conjugate is the right strategy. i've tried dividing by the highest power of x and that doesn't get me anywhere.
maybe it will look different in the morning.
godlingor maybe i'll die in my sleep and not have to worry about it. ;P
standranyone look at the "Jesus tomb" probability calculations? I was just heading to bed, but I will try to ask a question if no one objects.
kmhgodling : i think it works
godlingkmh: what works?
kmhgodling : you can now apply l*hospital (repeatedly)
standraccording to the calculation, the rate of "Jesus families" is 1 in 600,000 families.
japstarA certain tank can be filled by two pipes in 80 minutes. The larger pipe by itself can fill the tank in two hours less than the smaller pipe by itself.How long does each pipe take to fill the tank on its own?
can someone please help me?
godlingI'd have to skip ahead to read about L'Hospital
standrsuppose there were 6,000,000 families in the region of Jerusalem in the first century. at the rate of 1 "Jesus family" in 600,000 families, you would expect there to have been 10 "Jesus families".
godlingand my teacher would probably frown at my use of it since it hasn't been covered yet.
standrnow suppose that you have a sample size of 1000 tombs. and you find 1 "Jesus family". what are the odds that you have found the actual NT Jesus family?
kmhgodling : ok so without l*hospital ?
evilgeekstandr: i don't actually understand your question. can you phrase it as an actual math problem?
lievenstandr: I think the question is ill-defined. Nothing in your data says "the actual NT Jesus family" exists.
evilgeekgodling: never use l'hopital's rule. it's worthless and it's impossible to remember its hypotheses.
lievenand was Jeruzalem really that big a city in that time? 6000000 families sounds really large.

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