#math - Tue 6 Mar 2007 between 00:11 and 00:33

TRWBWamy`: i meant what i said
amy`how did you do that?
TRWBWamy`: x is prime, if x divides d(x,y)*y^2 then x divides d(x,y)
amy`: well, forget prime. just do it by polynomial division
amy`: now that i think about it you can't use prime here probably
amy`got it!
thank you!!
TRWBWamy`: np
i have like 10 more of these too do hehe, at least now I have a better idea of how to go about it:D
the real problem was showing (x^2, xy) = (x) n (x,y)^2 btw, that was just the last step of one direction
TRWBWk, i've never studies ideal theory beyond knowing the basic definitions, but i'm sure it's fun
qqexme22: is your question about the definition of convolution?
me22qqex: I'm wondering if that's legal
I did it on my midterm today, so I'm hoping
it seems right to be, but it seems too easy :P
luckyshotany physics person in here?
MeldonWhat up/
Wondering if anyone would like to help with something.
me22if you ask it and it's interesting, someone probably will
Meldonthat is not what im trying to do lol
i need someone or a group of ppl to help with something complicated
its not a simple question
need help with deriving relationships between a system that can be modified dynamically
TRWBWMeldon: it's traditinal to sing the armour hot dog song before asking a question
Meldonim new to fourier analysis
heres the simplest part
actionme22 just had a fourier transforms midterm today, but doubt he'd be of any help
me22just had a fourier transforms midterm today, but doubt he'd be of any help
Meldonimagine a plane
and a set or rays pointing towards the plane
TRWBWMeldon: half the rays point to the plane
Meldonjust a sec
TRWBWMeldon: and you still need to sing the armour hot dog song
Meldonand their is an infinitesimal change in direction of the plane
but the rays are stationary

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