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SweetandyYes, thank you.
OompaLoganCapaldo: So RPN is just about it?
LoganCapaldoI dunno, I don't actually have one :)
I have an 89
(but the on button is flaky, grrr)
Oompaheh.. I'm tempted to open it and mess with it but I'd rather if I sell it
TRWBWdoofy2: which proof did you use? that a hemisphere + a cone = a cylinder?
OompaLoganCapaldo: http://www.ticalc.org/archives/news/articles/3/34/34836.html
doofy2that "proof" talks about drawing triangles on the surface and forming pyramids
Oompaor http://www.paxm.org/symbulator/download/rpn.html
doofy2TRWBW, it of course explains the surface area first because it is dependent upon that formula
form51anyone enjoy listening to Morrissey?
saimazoonI prefer Joplin
She used to smoke crack
TRWBWdoofy2: oh, you can do it another way.
i have a question of probability
doofy2i just searched for that, i just know the calculus method
TRWBWdoofy2: if you stick a cone upside down next to a hemisphere, than any horizontal slice has the same area as the slice of a cylinder
doofy2davock, just ask.
davockA Newly married couple decides to continue having children until they have one of each sex.If the events of having a boy and a girl are independent and equiprobable, how many children should this couple expect
TRWBWdoofy2: cone has volume pi*r^3/3, cylinder has pi*r^3, so hemispher must have (2/3)pi*r^3, and sphere (4/3)pi*r^3
doofy2TRWBW, of the same size base and height?
TRWBWdoofy2: they all have a circular base of radius r and height r
doofy2: the cone is upside down
doofy2interesting, i've never seen that
Vzoohi all, what's the equation of the parabole f(x) that touches the Xs in x=1/2 and that respects: u(a)=c and u(b)=c?
hi all, what's the equation of the parabole f(x) that touches the Xs in x=1/2 and that respects: f(a)=c and f(b)=c?
TRWBWdoofy2: it's pretty straightforward, at height h from the bottom, the slice of a hemisphere has area pi*(r^2-h^2) and the slice of the cone area pi*h^2 and the slice of the cylinder, well pi*r^2 at any height
davockHint : Sumatory of i=1 --> infinity of (1^(ir^i)) = r / (1-r)^2
TRWBWdavock: 3
Vzoowait i've got it wrong: the parabole f touches tHe Xs in x=(a+b)/2 and has to verify f(a)=f(b)=c
how do i find its equation?
i don't know the english word for parabole (x^2 like curv)
isn't this a very basic question?
Vzooclose enough, what about the mathematical part of the question ; p
fedtso our math teacher actually calls doing volumes where the cross section is square, the floppy disk method

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