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boumaL1 norm is ||f||_1 = int(a,b) |f(x)| dx
TRWBW3bouma: k
bouma: i think i get what you asked, and makes sense to me, at least over a finite interval
boumawe really have no idea what hicks did but, i would say most australian dont believe his treatment is justified
TRWBW3bouma: neither do i, i was just talking about the analogy between the way the iranians are forcing the brits to "confess" and say they are treated well, and what seems like the same thing happening to hicks
boumanothing we can do tho, perhaps our gov could bitch to usa but if your going to make a deal with the devil you may as well profit from it
TRWBW3bouma: just seemed oddly ironic that in the same week the iranians and the americans are showing such parallel behavior
bouma: back to your convergence question, what space are these functions over? R? R^n? [0,1]?
boumaim given C[a,b] , im assuming just R
TRWBW3bouma: well over R i'm a bit concerned. take for example a sequence f_i(x)=(1/i)*g(x/i) where g(x)=1 on [0,1], 0 elsewhere
um somewhere they might actually be measuring the amount our power consumption goes down during
"earth hour" so im going to shutdown, could be an interesting stat
thanks tho
TRWBW3okay, R[a,b] works. R, not so good, see my example.
boumaall the pubs and restaurants in the city are going candle light and led torches, should be an oportuinity for a bit'o fun, nudge nudge pinch pinch
TRWBW3my guess, total consumption will tripple when you count people driving to bars, and all the gasses produced making all the beer they will drink
boumayes but we might get stats on electricty consumption
TRWBW3i guess the astronomers will like it
boumaand its potential elasticity
if i shutdown my computer of course
TRWBW3k, have fun
boumayeah, wish i had a telescope
macounoHelo folks
macounoStupid question, but I forgot, how do I check whether one number can be divided by another? (I used to know) ;)
There's a name for it
StyxAlsodivisibility, or congruence
Muldera factor
macounoHmm well basicly I need to know if the result is an "int" not a "float"
TRWBW3maybe you want %
macounoThat's it
StyxAlsoYeah, mod
TRWBW3(a % b)=0 <=> b divides a
macounomodulo I mean
Thanks guys, that's what I was looking for

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