#math - Tue 27 Mar 2007 between 00:59 and 01:28

AloneInTheDarkCan I ask a question ?
...oh wait!
action|Anubis away
dn4Does anyone know how to figure out geometircal curvature of space/time?
penosdn4: stop stalking me
dn4: i didn't ask for it
woobsterpenos: dn4 is asking for your fist in his face
penosdn4: you're not going to stop, are you?
dn4: and others
that's reality
woobsterreality sucks
penosyou won't understand my pain and grief. i would think that you are amused.
i can't change that.
woobsterfar jag kan inte f upp min kokosnt
penosi never asked for my writings to be released to public
they were confidential
woobsteryou shouldnt have written them then
penoswoobster: it was to a councilor.
woobster: he has violated my trust
i can't expect any of you to stop pretending
what can i do?
woobstercouncelors, just a bunch of slack jawed faggots, you cant trust them
penoswoobster: you are on record for saying that, then
thats what friends are for
dn4penos now i'm captivated by what you were working on
penosdn4: stop your bullshit
dn4and the direct or implicit correlations to the geo
penosdn4: of course you won't stop
what can i do? nothing
do i appear to be a total moron to you?
i guess so
woobsterpenos: just ignore him, he'll leave you alone after a while
penosyou spice up your life in the expense of me
woobsterpenos: yeah you make my life complete

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