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Adlailol Olathe
yossarianactually, yeah, what |Steve| said
godlingthat's complex, right?
AdlaiI think you're right
it seems a little too intuitive though, I'd prefer to see a proof
of course, it's also O(m!)
|Steve|Proof of what?
OlatheProof that the algorithm is correct.
Adlaino, proof that m = n
I'm pretty well convinced though
|Steve|It doesn't.
|Steve|The number of edges in a tree is one fewer than the number of nodes.
Adlainever mind, I'm just being stupid
it doe
not after you add an edge
juancgthttp://pastebin.ca/404580 can someone help?
Olathe% Limit[frobozz, dark->grue]
mbotOlathe: frobozz
|Steve|Tens: I already gave you the limit.
TensHold on there's no limit
% Limit[(x+1)/(x^2+2x-3), x->1]
mbotTens: Infinity
|Steve|Oh hey, it's not x-1.
Shit doesn't factor out
Is that bot correct?
OlatheThat bot is correct.
TensI'm geting +/- infinity which yields no limit cause there's two different answers when approaching from the right or left.
Piraterohello... how exactly would if i find the vertical asymptote to say: p(x) = ln(x-2)+5?
would i need to change the base from e to 10?
SeveredCrossOops. Got disconnected.
KEALit was the one ingredient for how to store a tiangle in threespace in 8 values and a limited number of ints
noway-it happens to all of us, we learn and don't make the mistake again
Are you just making shit up now?

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