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yiah i see what you mean
raz0TRWBW, So to solve f'(x)==0, I have use the power rule for ln, but how do I get rid of the 2 in 2*exp(..?
TRWBWraz0: what did you get for f'(x) again? 2e^(-(2x)^2)-e^(x^2)?
TRWBWraz0: multiply by e^(x^2). move the 1 to the other side. take logs
raz0: what did you get for f'(x) again? 2e^(-(2x)^2)-e^(-x^2)?
( -x^2 not x^2)
raz0er yes, of course. :)
Doh. Of course. I feel stupid for not seeing that now, hah. Oh well. it's late. :)
TRWBWraz0: no blood, no foul
eyiehow do i determine the sum of x^(2k+1) / (k(2k+1)), k=1 -> oo, |x| <= 1?
Kasadkad`eyie: Note the 2k+1 in both the exponent and the denominator
Remind you of anything?
eyienot really. i'm brushing up on some math i did way back
What happens when you take the derivative of that series?
eyie: waht Kasadkad` said.
eyieTRWBW: how was that funny?
TRWBWeyie: i was funny because i was typing in a long explanation then saw that Kasadkad` had said the key point
eyieoh well. yeah.. so.. i can get something like x^2^k / k which i guess has something to do with ln (1 - x), but i dont really know how to progress from there
TRWBWeyie: well start with u=x^2 in x^(2k)
eyie: if you've gotten that, i don't know what more you expect
eyiehow do i determine the constant?
eyie: you need to integrate ln(x) at some point
for the constant, well x=0 -> 0
eyietoo tired to think straight right now. could you write it out for me so i have something to contemplate when getting ready for bed?
raz0TRWBW, Just want to thank you. Got it all now. Much appreciate the help. :)
TRWBWeyie: i think you got all the main points. differentiate, substitute, relate to log, integrate, solve for the constant by f(0)=0
raz0: np
gxmzack-sleepanyone have a sec?
TRWBWokay, but damn, that was the second.
gxmzack-sleepahh crap
thanks anyways
4(x - 4)/(x +4)(x - 4)(x -4) - 3(x + 4)/(x +4)(x - 4)(x -4)
it looks nicer on paper :(
evilMancan i have a question, Exp(risk) = Est(dam) * Prob(mat), i have value of Est(dam) and Pro(mat) and Exp(risk), The question asking is Deermine the priorities of Exp(risk) using only Est(dam) parameter,

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