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gzler, doesn't actually say that
that is the only inconsistent thing you've said
asphyxiagzl: I'll tex that part. Done in 3 minutes
gzldude, isn't your question just about (1 p)(1 p-1)...(1 2)? there is no need to tex anything
if you think (1 2)(1 3) is an example of a product like that you're just blatantly getting the order backwards
Steve|OfficeI've heard of books going in that order.
gzlso have I, but I think he is making the mistake in thinking that (1 2)(1 3) is an example of a product of that form
Steve|OfficeI guess I didn't read the first bit.
gzlanyway, let him waste time texing it if he wants, I guess
DemisM(1 2)(1 3) can be either of (1 3 2) or (1 2 3) right?
gzlno, it's only one or the other depending on which order you want to go in.
or is that what you meant
like it's one or the other not both
gzl: I am sorry if this bothers you, then dont have a look at it.
but that is the best translation, I was able to make.
I think it will help clear up the misunderstandings
gzlthat statement was fine, the issue is that (1 2)(1 3) is not equal to (1 2 3) and has nothing to do with that theorem
(1 3)(1 2) would be an example
or (1 5)(1 4)(1 3)(1 2)
asphyxiathe product of the last expression is equal to (1 2 3 4 5), right?
by your theorem. but you brought up this (1 2)(1 3) example which has nothing to do with this
in fact if you apply that theorem it tells you that (1 2)(1 3) = (1 3 2)
gzlif there's something you're confused about you should point to what it is
asphyxiawell, I think it's kind of cleared up
asphyxiaI will mutter about it later if there is some glitch... but thanks
I think it helped me to translate that passage.
brick_Ok, I understand how to find out what the error term is for a given number of terms in a taylor expansion
Yet given an error, how do I find the number of terms needed to get there?
For instance, I have Sin(.45) as a power series. How many terms do I need to get to .0000001 error?
me22brick_: signs alternate, so find the first term smaller than the required error
thianpaAnyone knows how i can swap two number only using the two variable ?
I wrote that article (:

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