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StaZ[home]TRWBW huh sorry r = a - qb i meant sorry
vbabiyhey guys how can i figure out a lines angel
TRWBWStaZ[home]: try this. the statment "a=b (mod c)" is exactly, *exactly*, equivalent to saying a-b=c*k for some integer k
koroTRWBW: I would understand what you're saying if you mentioned what exactly you want to prove using AC.
heftywolfbone thats really what i dont understand
TRWBWkoro: |Sx{0,1}|=|S| for S s.t. there is an injection f:Z->S
heftywolfbone i think i started out wrong
StaZ[home]TRWBW okay.... i'll huh try to check my problem considering that thanks
wolfbonehefty, using primes for d/dt: x' = 0 = r'cos(theta) - rsin(theta)d(theta)/dt
heftyok im super lost now
man this sucks
i understand some of that but not all
wow am i horrible
wolfbonehefty, you understand x=rcos(theta), how to diff. both sides wrt to time and the fact that dx/dt = 0?
heftynot really
thats what im stuck on'
koroTRWBW: you well order S and then define f(x) = x+2 for x in S, and then show that f(S) and S-f(S) have the same cardinality
not f(x) = x+2
well you know what i mean
heftyi know that dx/dt = 0
what do you mean by rcos too?
TRWBWkoro: i meant how to turn it into choosing members of a set. AC and such. are you suggesting i learn the well ordering stuff first and then use that?
t35t0r% Solve[0 + 2 + 4 + 6 + ... + (n ? 5) + (n ? 3) + (n - 1)]
koroTRWBW: You can do as you prefer.
ToExpression::sntx: Syntax error in or before "Solve[0 + 2 + 4 + 6 + ... + (n ? 5) + (n ? 3) + (n - 1)]".
TRWBWkoro: i don't have a prefence. i was asking, from the AC, how do you get to what you said. and i'm not being sarcastic, i'm asking how you go from the AC to proving practical things.
wolfbonehefty, x=r*cos(theta), r^2 = x^2+y^2
me22t35t0r : you can do that in your head.
koroI am telling you how. In this particular case, a nice way is proving the well-ordering principle and then using it.
heftywolfbone now i see what you meant by that
HugLeoHow I find y?
Jafetit's somewhat arbitrary, isn't it?
whale_My family is mainly melon-headed, although it isn;t something I like to brag about ;)

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