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edthis made all the difference. because the question was something like "prove that it's less" meanwhile the chapter said "it's more"
what level of a student are you, KD?
KD19I'm not sure
I'll go with any level
edI meant, are you in junior high school or are you doing your doctorate?
KD19can't I pick somewhere in between
edOK I'll allow it
KD19ok I'm somewhere in between
I just like math, that's all
edi hate math.
KD19and I like the way knuth writes, so I figured I should give that book a try
then why are you doing math
edactually i dont hate it
i am just awful at it
ya me too
edLike I am trying to do a question which i know is totally easy yet I don't see it
KD19but I don't quite enjoy things I'm really good at as much
then it's not totally easy
edsure it is
KD19no it's not
edit's like this. 2+2 is easy, right? but only because you know what + is. I think the question I am trying to do IS that easy, I just don't know some pivotal fact.
KD19saying it's "easy" serves no other purpose than to put you down
instead of trying to grade its difficulty, try to get a millimeter closer to solving it
and another, and another, until you're there
edI meant that it's not a complicated question that requires thought.
it just requires some piece of information which i lack and i dont know what it is
cyclicFifthsed: i hate it when that happens.
edcyclicFifths: I am glad I was able to properly convey the nature of my frustration.
KD19ed you probably have all the information necessary. use the information you have to generate related information up to the point where solving becomes trivial
that's the whole fun part
edKD19 - nope
wanna hear the question?
KD19would you really like it if all problems let you skip that part and go right to the trivial thing?
I know I wouldn't
ok go ahead
edjust a sec, let me format it
this is from learning theory. I understand the learning theory part. I just don't get the linear algebra part:
Show that the VC dimension of the set of all closed balls in R^n, that is sets of the form {x in R^n : ||x - x0||^2 = r } for some x0 in Rn and r = 0 is less than or equal to n + 2.

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