#lisp - Wed 2 May 2007 between 00:00 and 03:47

rr--what file do you edit to add command line args to the the lisp that M-x starts
that M-x slime starts
e.g., i want to add -dynamic-space-size 1024 to command line of cmucl
rudiin your ~/.emacs, change either inferior-lisp-program or slime-lisp-implementations
depending on what you use currently
msinghhi. any way to rotate a byte?
rr--worked, thanks
OceanSprayoh hi
SeaMisthey OceanSpray
how's the beach?
OceanSprayIt's fun.
bsdfishAm I mistaken, or should delete-package allow all the values of all the symbols inside to be GCed?
If I (defpackage :test) (in-package :test) (defparameter *param* (make-array 100000000)) (in-package :cl-user) (delete-package:test) then even garbage collection, the array is still there.
_3bmake sure it isn't in * ** or ***
bsdfishYeah, I checked that
If I (makunbound test::*param*) then it works fine after garbage collection
So I guess I could unbind all the symbols manually, but it seems like a pain and the wrong way to go
rahuldoes delete-package return the package?
clhs delete-package
lisppasteCin pasted "Dots appeared illegally. [Condition of type SI::SIMPLE-READER-ERROR]" at http://paste.lisp.org/display/40649
Cin_any idea what that error could mean in that file?
rahulCin_: you have more than one #\. in a row
bsdfishNo, seems like delete-package just returns t
rahuland you killed lisppaste :\
bsdfish: yeah, so that wouldn't cause it
Cin_rahul, :O
rahullisppaste saw the code and went into shock
jeffzCin_: hi, you're a 'windows man', do you do any web stuff with cl in windows?
Cin_jeffz: not yet, I'm still battling with getting open source implementations to work
jeffzCin_: I spent some time browsing and reading about mod_lisp stuff and things, chances seem a bit iffy, getting free/open source stuff to work out of the box, on windows
actionjeffz wants to replace php+apache on windows, with apache + mod_lisp +/ Hunchentoot
jeffzwants to replace php+apache on windows, with apache + mod_lisp +/ Hunchentoot
Cin_jeffz: cool. what lisps have you tried? I tried mod_lisp which sort of worked. I don't think Hunchentoot responded to HTTP requests when I set it up.
faxjeffz: you can do hilariously awful things like this http://paste.lisp.org/display/39939
jeffzCin_: none yet, just doing some preliminary thinking and was curious if anyone had a working setup.
fax, haha.
Cin_jeffz: I'll let you know if I succeed in getting a web server setup
jeffzCin_: I was going to try earlier but work filters out *.cons.org cliki and a bunch of other stuff, I might try some stuff now that I'm at home.
sellout-mbCin_: I'm not a Windows guy, but have you tried lisp-in-a-box?

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