#lisp - Fri 18 May 2007 between 00:05 and 00:40

Got a simple button panel working.
(defvar *tmp* (objc-cffi::objc-msg-send (objc-cffi::objc-get-class "NSString") "stringWithCString:" :string "453")) (objc-cffi::objc-msg-send *tmp* "intValue")
starseeker_What the heck - how is my username in use?
minimal-criminalcauses an Unhandled memory fault at #x1C5. :/
slavadid you test each function separately?
kwertiistarseeker_: your old connection never formally disconnected, and the server still thinks its live?
slavai wrote a cocoa binding once fwiw, so i can give you a bit of help
starseeker_Maybe - how do I fix that?
minimal-criminalslava: what did you use?
slava: CFFI?
slavaminimal-criminal: it was not in CL
minimal-criminalah ok
slavabut the principles are similar
minimal-criminalwhat was it?
minimal-criminalstarseeker_: /msg nickserv help
kwertiiyeah, that. what minimal said. couldn't remember the name of the bot
slavaminimal-criminal: i can see the mistake actually
you need to turn "stringWithCString:" into a selector (SEL)
with sel_registerName()
minimal-criminalslava: well the first function returns an object & calling uppercaseString on it returns a new object
just intValue seems to be the problem, but of course all of it could be wrong
slavatry registering your selectors
minimal-criminalI dont know, I think the best thing is to just forget cl-objc
writing an objc bridge is not hard
minimal-criminalwell im trying to do that
but a lot of cl-objc is probably outdated/wrong
(Ive noticed 1 problem already & this could be a second)
starseekerThere we go
thanks all
McCLIM question - does anyone know if it would be possible to create an LTK based backend for it?
Zhivagowhat is ltk?
slavatk bridge
Although if gtkairo works on Windows natively it might be a non-issue...
starseekerI've heard a few comments to the effect that it does work, but I'm not sure...

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