#lisp - Thu 17 May 2007 between 16:37 and 17:53

minimal-criminaltiny typo in CFFI documentation, anyone care?
oh no its just me unable to read infact
vylichtblau: I'm working on a small wiki and yesterday I suprised when I hit the problem I mentioned. I didn't give any sample case because I forgot the places where I tried the this interactive debugging. But if if would give you a useable hint, I'll note 'em down this night while coding some.
ricky_clarksonvy: Is there some distance between your IRC client and the code you're working on?
is there any CFFI tutorial for using arrays
v0|dvy: back.
vyricky_clarkson: Umm... I'm currently studying for my real analysis final. That's why I cannot (shouldn't) code right now.
Dr^NickI've called NSApplication run from sbcl via ffi, and i have my windows running. i have a window that lets me enter text so I can continue to lisp as I run my window'd app.
Dr^Nickas it stands, if a user mistypes, lisp throws an exception which breaks the runloop
sorry, sbcl throws an exception
Xachdang, doesn't ITA have its own internal chat? it's like #ita in here!
XachDr^Nick: you could handle the error
Dr^NickXach - I'd love to. Unforunately I'm just not a strong enough lisper yet.
XachDr^Nick: the Internet Travel Agency. it's a think tank where they train engineers how to unlock bathrooms for rewards.
minimal-criminalDr^Nick: What FFI to Objective C are you using?
or just CFFI?
Dr^Nickjust CFFI
minimal-criminalh ok
Dr^Nick: I stuck SBCL inside the MacOS folder and put a shell script which launches SBCL to run some scripts in the Resources folder..
Dr^Nick: What kind of setup do you use?
(script here for ref http://rafb.net/p/8HVuWp43.txt )
jsnell_Dr^Nick: are you trying to ask how to handle the error? if so, a more direct approach might be more effective
Dr^Nickhrm. I just start sbcl, load my shared object and lisp file
jtiAnybody know if anybody's tried porting Mikel Evins' Bosco to SBCL?
minimal-criminalOh I see
Dr^Nickjsnell: I suppose thats true. More to the point, I need to know where I can go to figure this stuff out for myself
jsnellreading a book is a good first step
minimal-criminalAre you using a Nib or generating a GUI programatically?
jsnell - sure. I've got paul grahams books, though I haven't gone through on lisp yet
jsnelldoesn't ansi common lisp cover the condition system?!
minimal-criminalDr^Nick: I have some code to make subclasses of ObjC classes
Dr^Nick: Im working on adding ivars now..
jsnellyou could try the chapter on conditions in practical common lisp

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