#lisp - Fri 11 May 2007 between 00:00 and 00:17

kencauseyreading clhs seems to imply that it is
brianZZZkiis there a good overview of lisp for the programmer who used to know it but hasn't used it in years and just needs to refreesh his understanding of the syntax?
bhydekencausey: yup
kencauseyso that's not the explanation...
pkhuongbrianZZZki: how about the CLHS?
slyrus_kencausey: that's bogus: (eq state 'semicolons)
kencauseydid I screw up my symbol syntax?
slyrus_you forgot a pair of parens
((eq ...) (cond ...))
kencauseyah, of course, thanks
I guess my eyes are glazing over
yep, so simply
slyrus_: much thanks for the eyeballs
kencauseygood time to say enough, see you tomorrow
melchiorbrianZZZki, lisp syntax is quite memorable
CinZhivago: ping
brianZZZkimelchior: it was a decade ago and i was hungover in most of my classes (altho i did get an A in it)
rudiminion: tell brianZZZki about pcl
minionbrianZZZki: please look at pcl: pcl-book: "Practical Common Lisp", an introduction to Common Lisp by Peter Seibel, available at http://www.gigamonkeys.com/book/ and in dead-tree form from Apress (as of 11 April 2005).
msinghany trick to do this: (apply (car '( (lambda (x) (* x x)))) '(4))
melchiormsingh, you just did
what am i missing here?
(map (+ 1) '(1 2))
msinghmelchior, no that wont work
pkhuongbrianZZZki: it's lisp, not haskell.
CinbrianZZZki: currying?
pkhuongmsingh: it does exactly what it's supposed to. Unfortunately for you, a function isn't a list.
brianZZZkipkhuong: fair enough, but what is the missing argument?
rudibrianZZZki: (mapcar (lambda (x) (+ 1 x)) '(1 2))
msinghpkhuong, right. but i would like to work with quoted data not lists
brianZZZkirudi: is it possible to do that without lambda?
pkhuongmsingh: try `(,lambda (x) (* x x)))
brianZZZki: sure, write a macro.
brianZZZkior do i have more remembering than i figured, eh
pkhuong(or a HOF)
rudibrianZZZki: (mapcar #
erm, (mapcar #'1+ '(1 2))

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