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luisclhs ~D
ModiusWhat's the correct way to decompose a property list? That is, something like '(1 2 3 :text "Hi") to pull the :text portion
Zhivagoperhaps you might like to use destructuring-bind?
ModiusThat's it - thanks
Zhivagowell, actually, that's probably a stupid idea -- but it might work for you
ayrnieumodius - GETF
rudiclhs getf
rudiModius: be aware that the example "property list" you gave has an odd length, so :text is the property of the key 3
ModiusYou're right - I didn't give a proper param list anyway
I've searched the CLOS functions I'm aware of - is there a function for telling if an object is of a specific type? kind of a (class-is 'base-class object) - class-name won't cut it. . . .
classes are types, too
nyefOr subtypep, if you're looking for a class or any subclass thereof.
rahulsubtypep is for comparing types to types, to be clear
typep is for comparing objects to types
nyefAh, right.
What I get for mostly ignoring the type system.
we don't need no steenking types!
nyef: you closet forther.
nyef(Primitive types, I do fine with. Them, I can understand quite easily, because I can hexdump the heap and see the bits.)
nyefCloset forther? You know better than that. :-P
nowhere_manafter a thread on the TBNL ML which can be summarized as: "it's damn slow - are you using CMUCL? - yes - try SBCL - ha yes, faster"
I'm wondering: are there domains where there's an advantage to use CMUCL over SBCL?
the last benchmarks I saw showed SBCL compiling faster, and I think producing faster code, it's easier to bootstrap and seems better at concurrency
nyefSure there are!
(There have to be: People still use CMUCL.)
Maybe it's the threading support for x86 systems? Or... Umm... The emacs clone written in lisp? Hrm...
Actually maintained HPPA support?
rudilong long doubles
foomcompiled faster, until recently
nyefrudi: And how long do you think that will last?
rudidepends on whether ITA continues to CONSUME all available developer hours with their silly demands on compile speed and signal stability stuff!
foomwell I can't think of a use for them in the first place so I'd be perfectly happy if double-doubles never got ported. :P
nyefHey! Signal stability is important!
(Besides, the whole interrupt setup on sbcl is an undocumented toxic waste dump.)

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