#lisp - Tue 3 Apr 2007 between 00:01 and 03:05

faxwhy dont they call progn do?
nyefBecause DO is an iteration construct.
faxif it wasnt, do would be a good name instaed of progn?
You could also perhaps use BEGIN.
rudifax: if you still look for an augmented designed if, have a look at IF*.
pkhuongor bif?
rudiafter that, you'll gladly come back to the standard CL constructs.
faxclhs: if*
specbotSorry, I couldn't find anything for if*.
is that elisp?
RiastradhIs IF* the one that examines the number of columns that the subexpressions would fit in?
nyefRiastradh: No, that's BIF.
RiastradhOh, I see.
rudino, it's John Foderaro's IF on steroids (and crack)
nyefBIF is the one which is more obviously bruciotic.
pkhuongnyef: obviously; it's `beautiful'.
lisppastefax annotated #39120 with "bif?" at http://paste.lisp.org/display/39120#2
actionrich_holygoat recoils from if*
rich_holygoatrecoils from if*
luisfax: no, that's not the one they're talking about
http://paste.lisp.org/display/6432 <-- that's Brucio's BIF
faxthat if* loosk crazy :|
oh god
thats horrible
rich_holygoatBrucio is incredible.
I wish I had those skills
hefnerthat's sure to impress my OCaml friends.
actionfax wishes he knew someone in real life who could use a computer
faxwishes he knew someone in real life who could use a computer
pkhuonghefner: nothing some camlp4-ery can't emulate.
rr--which is more recommended/popular for Lisp documentation nowadays ... texinfo, docbook, or something else
luisrr--: texinfo is the nicest I've seen so far
nyefI think the recommendation is "write some", as that would be a vast improvement over the current situation for most packages.
bromine(defun foomoo (&key a b c) (list a b c))
I try to call this function in the slime REPL using SBCL but it will not work at all like the PCL book says it should
it complains of even or odd # of arguments
Does anyone know what the trouble is?
nyef... It shouldn't complain about an -even- number of &key arguments.

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