#lisp - Sun 29 Apr 2007 between 00:11 and 01:52

I changed some stuff in the asd files and so on, now I think its loading beagle ok
but how do I actually set it to use beagle?
I think it still tries to use CLX
(I think (setf clim:*default-frame-manager* 'beagle:beagle-aqua-frame-manager) has no effect)
kpreidfax: climi::*default-port* or something like that
(apropos "port*")
faxkpreid: it gave some results, but im not sure what they mean
kpreid(setf climi:*default-server-path* :beagle) -- try this
faxWhen I do that< i get the Error in process Listener(4): Reader error: No external symbol named "*DEFAULT-SERVER-PATH*" in package #<Package "CLIM-INTERNALS"> .
kpreidmust be stale then
I got it working once, but I don't remember the recipe :)
actionkpreid z
faxok, thanks anyway
syntaxmanI've been getting an overview of Lisp, and know that it can be compiled.
But, does that mean byte-compiled? or is it compiled to machine language?
Does the person that receives the binary need to have Lisp installed?
v0|dsyntaxman: common-lisp can do all of what you've said.
i) can be interpreted or compiled
ii) the person can have a core image or an executable.
syntaxmanAh.. I had misunderstood. Thought that the core image /was/ an executable.
Does the core image equate to a byte-compiled program, then?
v0|dsyntaxman: it's already compiled:)
faxanyone use M-C-x much with SLIME?
or rebind it to some other key?
Darfurhey guys
Can someone send me a gmail invite cmiyc_1974@yahoo.com ? I would appreciate it.
faxDarfur: this is #lisp on freenode
Darfuryeah i know
someone has to have gmail account here.
faxso why are you asking lol
Darfurdo you use the internet?
do you have gmail?
I could not find the google or gmail channel
Dena|LapDarfur, this is not the channel to ask for gmail accounts
DarfurI apologize
Dena|Lapglad I logged it, will give me a funny moment in the future,hehe
beachgood morning
r2q2beach: Good night.
beachyeah, whatever

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