#lisp - Tue 24 Apr 2007 between 00:01 and 01:22

luisminion: tell drifter747 about telent-date
minionSorry, I couldn't find anything in the database for ``telent-date''.
csimonminion: tell csimon about lisp
minioncsimon: have a look at lisp: "Lisp in Small Pieces". This book covers Lisp, Scheme and other related dialects, their interpretation, semantics and compilation. To sum it up in a few figures: 500 pages, 11 chapters, 11 interpreters and 2 compilers. <http://www-spi.lip6.fr/~queinnec/WWW/LiSP.html>
luiscsimon: ?
minion: tell drifter747 about net-telent-date
miniondrifter747: please look at net-telent-date: net-telent-date is a Library consisting mostly of the time parsing routines from CMUCL that were removed from SBCL. http://www.cliki.net/net-telent-date
luisdrifter747: not sure if that's what you're looking fo
myrkraverkwhat is ''() excactly, in terms of (quote)s and (cons)es ? (before (eval))
Zhivago(quote (quote nil))
myrkraverkas in, (cons 'quote (cons 'quote nil)) ?
kpreid1. These two S-expressions are equivalent: ''() (quote (quote nil))
2. What the reader *does* when it reads "''()" is roughtly (list 'quote (list 'quote 'nil))
myrkraverkhmm, ok
drifter747thxs luis. not quite what i was hoping for but it might help a bit
i had hoped for something that would help with something like 16:40 + 75min = 17:55 etc. trying to learn lisp while doing something practical i need with it. and that involves generating a bunch of start/stop times with random durations.
Astrohelp, my emacs looks too ugly :(
is there a way to compile it with gtk (on gentoo)?
Astro: #emacs.
Zhivagoare you familiar with encode-universe-time?
er, universal
kpreidadding offsets to a decoded time wouldn't work in the edge cases (DST, etc)
Zhivagowell, you add to the encoded time as an integer
so you should be able to encode the local time, encode a time offset from epoch, add them, then decode
universal-time might not be quite what he wants -- but it might be a start.
kpreidoh, I was misremembering
rudigbyers: 1, "let's have UTF-16 internally" crowd: 0
luisFor some reason I thought SBCL used UTF-16
rudi: but it seems to use UTF-32, am I right?
rudiluis: yes, and for the same reasons as sbcl does, iiuc
the argument pro utf-16 seems to be "everyone else does it, it's cheaper to call out to foreign libraries, and it saves space"
two of them are utterly bogus, and gary just demolished the third one
lemonodorwell it probably will save space, right?
but yeah, the library thing seems bogus.
rudilemonodor: on 64 bit no, on 32 bit a little - gbyers did the unfair thing of estimating implementation effort and measuring typical strings in a running image :)
lemonodorah, i missed that.
luishuffman-coded arrays! what a great idea

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