#lisp - Mon 23 Apr 2007 between 16:17 and 16:32

Xachjonphilpott: you can put it behind a proxy if you like (i do that).
Jaskocould be nice if you pull it off right
(I never fold, personally)
la_merJasko: Definitely blue-sky kind of stuff. Maybe a "fold current sexpr" action would be more practical.
brandonzjonphilpott: better check the hunchentoot site. says it can use mod_lisp
Xachusing mod_lisp is a poor way to use it, though.
Jaskola_mer, wouldn't hurt, though it sounds like the kind of thing that'll take a lot of poking throuhg documentation to find the method you need to call
looks like the ubuntu cl-hunchentoot package is broken
la_merJasko: Yeah, there's lots of other more important stuff to do. Just thinking out loud.
JaskoNo harm in adding purty features! I put in the Outline View merely because it was easy, but now I use it all the time
la_merJasko: Oh, the outline is critical. I'm actually planning on attempting to make it update automatically (i.e. not just on a save) this weekend.
JaskoIf you use folding a lot, you might want to make the algorithm that assigns those handles smarter, too. I think it currently wipes out the old ones every time you save, thus unfolding stuff
la_mer, that would be shiny. If you're feeling really bold, might even try making it maintain the same selection when it updates, or even (scariest) keep pace with the cursor
la_merJasko: Ha! We all must dream, I suppose. :-P
Xachla_mer: are you going to ilc08?
la_merI'll also be adding an "unordered ordering" -- just listing things as they appear in the file.
Jaskola_mer, fair enough
what's new and exciting?
la_merXach: Haven't thought about it.
splittistYo Krystof
la_merXach: I'm functionally a Lisp noob (after a multi-year hiatus), so it depends on a lot.
Where is it next year?
Xachla_mer: MIT
la_merAh, ha. I'm in Western Mass. I suppose I don't have much of an excuse not to go, then, eh? :-)
splittistKrystof: seen http://perso.orange.fr/a.d.m/c-and-lisp.png ? (No, it doesn't parse C completely. yet...)
Krystofyes, actually
I have been spying on you for a little while
I have to say, your collective wigflippery of my fair visage is insufficiently pointed
splittistbut we knew you were coming back. (and we were AFRAID...)
la_merJasko: You mention in the wiki that there are some indentation issues. Do you have any examples?
JaskoIndentation is probably the worst part of the codebase right now
not so much that the code is a mess as it doesn't handle nearly the cases it should
segvanybody used slime's break-in-default-debugger lately?
la_merJasko: FWIW, it's been working quite nicely for me so far (aside from the multiline string issue which I fixed this morning).
Jaskothe problem is largely that right now we have a way to tell how deep we are in an s-exp, but no (easy) way to tell, say, if we're the 2nd, 3rd, whatever element in the list
la_mer, that's because it turns out that 99% of the time, you either want to indent 2 spaces, or match the indentation of the previous argument

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