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pebblestoneI want to update some widget's state (like progress bar) periodically, I started a new thread for the job but sbcl reports "nil is not a stream". It seems ltk's using a dynamic binding for its stream output which is not inherited in a new thread. how to solve that problem?
kpreidpebblestone: I don't know ltk, but gui libraries often don't like being accessed from more than one thread.
if that's the case for ltk, you should have the new thread send messages to the main thread which updates the progress bar
pebblestonekpreid: hmm. what do you mean by send message?
kpreidjust that. implement it however you like
pebblestonekpreid: the 'normal' way of updating some state periodicaly is to create a timer and dispatch on the timer's event, right? I tried that but the event loop blocked.
the event loop of ltk.
kpreidI don't understand that.
faxhow do you get past barriers in programming?
z3r0_dbarriers... as in "coding blocks" where you can't think of the solution?
faxwell sort of yes
I could write a solution but it would be bad
its the kind of situation I am in
z3r0_dmake a diagram, sleep on it, then take a shower in the morning...
ayrnieuask questions about your specific situation on nice places like #lisp
faxI can knock the keyboard & write a program but its written badly & should never have been written
im trying to find how you can write things well
Ill probably buy some books
trontosI'd suggest doing it the best you can and then improving on it
something, even if done poorly is going to be better than nothing and getting it out gives you experience
you can think too much and you can think too little, somewhere in between is action 8)
trontosor my favourite japanese proverb, planning without action is day dreaming, but action without planning is a nightmare
actionfax saves
trontosthat's from one of my XP books
the first one I claim wholely as a trontos original 8)
faxI think I want to get PAIP or LiSP or somthnig
or somthing else?
nyefminion: Tell trontos about PAIP.
miniontrontos: direct your attention towards PAIP: Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming: Case Studies in Common Lisp by Peter Norvig. http://www.cliki.net/PAIP
AshyIsMethat book is really big
it's kinda daunting
nyefBah. It's got nothing on the Win3.1 SDK manuals for big.
(Which, yes, I have read cover-to-cover. After Win95 was out.)
levi_homeAshyIsMe: Try CLtL2 if you think PAIP is big.

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