#lisp - Fri 20 Apr 2007 between 00:19 and 01:08

Dena|LapHow can I create a list thats empty, but still makes me able to use (nconc ...) on it ?
I currently have a (list), naturally (nconc ...) doesnt work on that form
nyefYou can't.
nyefWell, okay, maybe you can, but if so, you're using nconc wrong.
Dena|Lapcurrently I work around it by just adding a item as nr1 in the list
nyef(Are you trying to use nconc for its side effect?)
Dena|LapIs it wrong of me to use nconc to add single items to the list ?
using it to add items to a list
gigamonkeyDena|Lap: probably.
rpgDena|Lap: Why not just push things onto it?
Dena|Lap: Do you want to add to the end? You could just do a bunch of pushes and nreverse...
gigamonkeyWhere wrong = potentially horribly ineffecient
rpg, yes exactly =)
great, thank you all :)
Zhivagoyou could just make a queue ...
Dena|Lapbut the easiest thing I could do must be to push all the items, then reverse ?
most efficient also no?
luisHmm, billc asked for podcast suggestions the other day. I can't find it in the logs, did he get nice suggestions?
Zhivagodena: what problem are you trying to solve?
Dena|Lapzhivago, I'm calculating primes, and adding each number to a list, so I can later display/modify them
so I loop through adding each new prime into the list
Zhivagoso the order of the primes isn't actually important?
rpgDena|Lap: You could use (LOOP for new-prime = <calculate prime> collecting new-prime)
Dena|Lapzhivago, no, actually the order is important
rpg, hm thats another possibility
Dena|LapI want them in the order they are calculated
When defining a structure, is it possible to refer to other fields in the initform of a field?
luisfoom: heh, so ats and I seem to be fighting for "sbcl-linux-x86_64" how does that work?
foom: redundancy?
hmm, the page does seem to suggest one builder can have multiple build slaves
actionrudi has been browsing http://vistasmalltalk.wordpress.com/ instead of working
rudihas been browsing http://vistasmalltalk.wordpress.com/ instead of working
he implements a Lisp on top of Flash and WPF/e
and provides a smalltalk syntax via reader macros
with graphics, class browser etc

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