#lisp - Sat 14 Apr 2007 between 00:09 and 00:45

quazimodoany open source compilers?
actionnyef doubts that open source compilers would be answering questions on IRC.
nyefdoubts that open source compilers would be answering questions on IRC.
quazimodonyef, silly!
i like
anyway, i should use correct grammar this time
does an open source compiler exist for lisp?
quazimodocan you please name one?
nyefJust one? Okay, how about SBCL?
tz_Is anyone familiar with the SBCL internals?
ModiusAnybody know of any web service libraries for common lisp?
nyeftz_: I'm familiar with some of them, why?
Modius: "web service libraries"?
ModiusSomething for calling into web services from CL (as a client)
SOAP, all that
nyefLike an xml-rpc client?
pkhuonglook on c-l.net I think there's a few (XML-RPC, cl-soap)
tz_nyef: I saw on the internals site on cliki about there not being an optimization for squaring bignums. It sounded like a reasonable way to get my feet wet with SBCL.
nyefHrm... I'm not familiar with the bignum code...
tz_nyef: I am looking at the bignum.lisp code and saw this: (defun %bignum-length (bignum) (declare (type bignum-type bignum)) (%bignum-length bignum)) ... how does that work exactly, I grepped through the code and couldn't find another definition for bignum-length
It'll be in src/compiler somewhere.
Yeah, src/compiler/vm-fndb.lisp and src/compiler/target/arith.lisp.
Basically, the compiler knows how to open-code a call to %bignum-length, but we still need an actual function for it in some cases, so we do what you saw.
tz_nyef, ok thanks. Going to read up on the vop docs some more
nyefNo problem. Good luck with it.
tz_nyef: thanks
nyef: I've got the define-vop and defknown for bignum-length, but I'm still not seeing an implementation, Code is here http://paste.lisp.org/display/39707
smolyndoes anyone know what (lambda (sb-pcl::.arg0.)) might indicate in sbcl's profiler? is it clos slot access?
nyeftz_: The define-vop -is- the implementation.
The (:translate %bignum-length) says "consider using this VOP for this function".
smolyn: It's something to do with CLOS. Beyond that, not sure. Could be a descriminating function or something.
kpreidsome quick grepping suggests that yes, discriminating functions
nyeftz_: Ah. I see. The bignum-length VOP inherits from the get-header-data VOP.
The code might be there, or get-header-data might inherit from something else with the code.
(The latter feels unlikely, though.)
Should be in src/compiler/target/system.lisp.
tz_nyef: ahh, I didn't know that was inheritance. I may write this up to help the next guy that comes along
nyefPlease do.
kpreidand add it to http://sbcl-internals.cliki.net/

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