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froydnjI don't think we have one
nowhere_man: maybe try passing some appropriate arguments?
nowhere_manquoting the SERIES manual:
(scan-range) => #Z(0 1 2 3 4 5 6 ...)
so it should be a valid call
nyefnowhere_man: Let me guess... you tried to print the result with no limiters?
froydnjnowhere_man: sorry, didn't know
nowhere_manI just tried examples of the page of the manual on scanners
jsnellI think the intent was for there to be about a year between 1.0 and 1.1, so that our suggestion for external library authors to retain compability to the previous 1.x.0 release wouldn't be too much of a burden
nowhere_manthe very beginning
bhyde(require 'series)
froydnjok, I think that should be what's needed for better raw slot accesses on x86-64. now to test it
jsnellfroydnj: you've been doing a lot of cool improvements lately. thanks!
bhydenowhere_man: abort out of the debugger, and set *print-length* to, oh, 100; and try (scan-range) again
nowhere_manbhyde: thanks, that works
bhydenowhere_man: note that series is a very extreme example of what you can do in lisp; for example it redefines how functions work, etc. etc; so it tends to be a fun but big pill - not really a great place to start :)
ModiusI just gave a C# guy a solution to a programming puzzle that was about 1/10th the size of the C# version. He's complaining the names have -s in them, and that they aren't camelcase.
He said camel-casing would aid porting :)
nyefself invoke: #sure:would: with: "camel-casing" with "help porting".
froydnjjsnell: you're welcome!
vsyncModius: write some macros that camelcase everything from him and remove the '-'s
that will just taunt him further
bhydeModius: convert to http://www.cl-user.net/asp/libs/linj and then a java to C# translator; teehee
luispjb: the slow and fast cursor thing is a very neat idea
hefner"Theory Y Algebra Special Moment, Or Why you all should just sit at Kenny's feet and take notes"
what a douche.
ModiusHaha - I've got a C# coder who's never written a line of Lisp reading/interpreting a complex function I wrote to understand my solution. He's trying to add the equivalent of a "get from hash table adding this form if nothing found" macro to his C# :)
faxlol :(
ModiusHe's an a**, he deserves it.
froydnjhmmm, raw slots are stored interspersed with everything else?
XachThe greatest Lisp advocates are those who know no Lisp!
nyeffroydnj: Something doesn't sound right about that.
Thought it was N boxed slots, followed by M raw slots, with a pointer at the beginning to somewhere near the end?
froydnjoh, wait, maybe that's a raw word slot
lisppastefroydnj pasted "different assembly?" at http://paste.lisp.org/display/39547
froydnjthose look identical to me; I don't see what the bug it

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