#lisp - Fri 9 Mar 2007 between 00:00 and 02:39

hefnerthe earth cries out for a common lisp font editor
mgrhefner: I have made quite some accented letters. Had fontforge not decided to not start anymore then I could tell you the exact unicode range..
hefner: I've added the letters from U+0384 to U+03ce, and U+3d1.
nyefmgr: Cool.
mgrnyef: Thank you!
add some .Xmodmap magic and it's really easy to input them. :)
lisppastemgr pasted ".Xmodmap for greek letters (via Control_R)" at http://paste.lisp.org/display/37906
actionhefner has forgotten why mgr wanted greek letters
hefnerhas forgotten why mgr wanted greek letters
lisppastedsteuber annotated #37743 with "Backpropigation function is completely wrong" at http://paste.lisp.org/display/37743#3
dsteuberminion: help memo
minionTo send a memo, say something like ``minion: memo for nick: the memo''. I'll remember the memo for any nick which is the same as the given nick, +/- differences in punctuation, and any nick which is an alias for it, and give it to them when they next speak.
dsteuberminion: memo for ignas: Can you please help me out with paste 37743?
minionRemembered. I'll tell ignas when he/she/it next speaks.
dsteuberminion: memo for rahul: Can you please help me out with paste 37743?
minionRemembered. I'll tell rahul when he/she/it next speaks.
avar'When I hear people complain about Lisp's parentheses, it sounds to my ears like someone saying: "I tried one of those bananas, which you say are so delicious. The white part was ok, but the yellow part was very tough and tasted awful."'
(Paul Graham)++
dsteuberWhere did PG say that?
avarI don't know, it was on the wikiquote page
RiastradhHmm. That one about the ball of mud is not anonymous; it was Alan Perlis, and there is some context missing involving APL and diamonds (and what happens when you try to extend a diamond).
dsteuberThey could certainly do a better job with citations.
Perhaps point to a URL if the quote was made online.
avaryeah, damn wikipeople
dsteuber"I've heard rumors on the Internets"
krunardsteuber: fix it? :)
it's a wiki after all
dsteuberI am afraid of wiki-fu.
RiastradhComplaining is so much easier!
My brain is too stuck on trying to correctly implement a general back propagation function for neural network code to fix a wiki.
luisdsteuber: just fire up matlab and run the wizard :)
dsteuberI don't have matlab.
And would the wizard give me Lisp code?
luisNo, it'd give a neural network though along with pretty graphics.
dsteuberI'm not sure that would be very useful to me.
jonathonQuestion... I'm trying to convert a list of row-wise data into a list of columnar data...
why would this... (defmacro undo-table (table)
`(mapcar #'list ,@table))

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