#lisp - Wed 7 Mar 2007 between 11:36 and 12:15

masmv0|d: parse-points function parses things like "23,2 234,23 23,34"
v0|d: This parsing method can be very fast, but there are simpler ways to do parsing. If the syntax is complicated, it can be very verbose.
v0|di understood, what is sl: package?
masmIt is an internal package. with-gensyms is AKA with-unique-names, I believe.
(:exactly x something) will only match something if it appears x times. This is not in the paper.
v0|dcould you provide parse-points
masmv0|d: I have a series of examples that I made to test the parser, by I cannot find them.
v0|dah ok.
v0|dmasm: that doesnt have parse-points afaisee.
masmAnyway, It is very simple technique. I use all of the parser features in parse-style and parse-points.
v0|d: It is the last function in the paste.
v0|dlast one is parser-string, am i wrong?
anyway i'll look into details thanks for code, it would be great if you could send me tests later if you can find them. thnx:)
masmv0|d: follow the link http://paste.lisp.org/display/37818
masmv0|d: There are two pastes.
v0|d: See it?
v0|dmasm: great, got it.
drewcXach: just thought i'd come by and thank brucio .. lol
Xachi don't think i've seen brucio on irc, but maybe he reads logs somewhere
sadly, arc isn't 100% internet secure yet
v0|dmasm: CL-USER> (parse-points "23,2 234,23 23,34") => ((23 . 2) (234 . 23) (23 . 34)) :)
masmv0|d: Yep.
I did this basic parser to load a svg file so I can play with McCLIM. If you want to do some serious (complex) parsing, I suggest that you either seriously extend meta or find some other scanner/parser.
v0|di'm inspecting how meta can be extended to work on a defined language
masmv0|d: One other thing. The parser from Baker's paper can also be used to parse sexps. My implementation cannot be used that way because I use sexps to define the parser.
v0|dright, i don't need it either,
drewcXach: that link to 'SubX' is great.. we have not had someone try to fix lisp in a while.
antifuchsdrewc: ...not counting graham (:
codsXach: In salza-0.7.3/examples/png.lisp, the write-row function is missing (there is only an open parenthesis)
Xachoh, drat
drewcantifuchs: it's all his fault after all. how come our only popular evangelist is also the one who convinces people that lisp needs 'fixing'. sigh.
antifuchsdrewc: we obviously need more reborn lispian preachers (:
drewci'm willing to bet that a well written 'paul graham was wrong' about lisp post would hit #1 on reddit pretty fast... especially when it's a 'lisp is good, arc is not' post.
actiondrewc sharpens pencils...
drewcsharpens pencils...
...and gets back to work .. i have no time for this....

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