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faxdoes anyone have a J in lisp interpreter
BrianRice(<verb>ing <direct-object>)
faxlike #j(.. whatever)
BrianRicefax: hehe, you wish
faxI might try it :D
BrianRicefax: please do
"<verb>ing <direct-object>" => (lambda (&rest rest) (funcall <verb> (<direct-object> . rest))) ??
hefnerthat's what I was thinking of as -s
hefneryou could do one with some horrible LOOP-inspired syntax
ModiusAnyone here particularly familiar with cl-typesetting? It seems ludicrously cool, yet I can't find much in the way of docs or an example that resembles a report.
Cinverb-ing? why -ing? doesn't that imply present tense, a sort of continuous application of a verb like (loop while t (running legs))?
hefnerthat's what I thought. I like to name macros -ing.
well, not all macros, but onces that do something around the body.
Cinpast tense is obviously commonly used for boolean types.. (booked? book) and (book book) future tense is an action... nevermind. just thinking aloud. present tense is the only interesting sounding one
Zhivagoperhaps you should think of it in the sense of an assertion
Cinwhich tense?
Cinis not (booked? book) an assertion?
hefner<verb>ing would be neat as a way of combining the values of repeated execution of a body form, but I don't know specifically how you'd control it.
maybe 'consing' gives you some kind of list comprehension
Cinthere's always the 'incrementing' one for LOOP?
ayrnieuClearly, you need Chinese characters for this: list<ma> for (listp obj); string<ba> for (the list obj); (list<hua> obj) for (coerce obj 'list); (<zai>list ...) for whatever you're talking about, and so on.
Cinor did I imagine that?
ayrnieufax - please do try that.
BrianRiceyeah, chinese characters definitely have a nice advantage for this
faxyeah just reading about J just now
I think the J progams can have unbalanced paranthesis in them?
ayrnieufax - yes, they can.
hefnerthere's always -? and -ify
faxyuck :|
so that rules out #j( ... )
Cinlike x*5(2/4
hefnerI hadn't even thought about nouns
ayrnieuCin - it uses ) to terminate HERE docs
ayrnieubut it also has 'balanced' characters as operators, yeah. CAR is {.
fax - you probably don't yet understand how brutally simply J works: it has no compilation whatsoever, holding all functions as strings that it interprets each time. APLs get efficiency out of leaf execution, or whatever you like: from spending almost all of their time within smart, very optimized core routines that operate on masses of data at a time.
froydnj(which, incidentally, is also why clisp can be blazingly fast)

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