#lisp - Thu 29 Mar 2007 between 12:09 and 12:34

rahulat least maine is scenic
actionXach can say with some confidence rahul has not yet visited lubec
Xachcan say with some confidence rahul has not yet visited lubec
Cowmooisn't Oakland where many rappers are from
slyruseven Oakland wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't so damn close to home
actionslyrus is from Oakland
slyrusis from Oakland
Cowmooare you a rapper?
slyrusyou'll have to ask the other ILC attendees at the end of next week
what's not to like?!?
Activities, services and amenities to welcome and satisfy business people, vacationing singles, couples and families
actionrahul arranges a trip to lubec, maine
rahularranges a trip to lubec, maine
actionXach reverse psychology: success
Xachreverse psychology: success
you won't get rid of me that easily!
attila_lendvaihm, asdf's OPERATE is wrapping basically everything in a big with-compilation-unit, even a TEST-OP. and it locks the *big-compiler-lock* on sbcl wthich basically stops all other threads. because of that i can't start the UCW tests from the test-op... :|
rahulthat's not nice
attila_lendvaiwell, i've removed the w-c-u and then it works
kpreidhm, I'm going to have that problem eventually
froydnjyour tests spawn threads? *boggle*
kpreidasdf computes all the leaf operations it's going to perform before performing them, right? how about doing a w-c-u only if (some #'wants-compilation-unit-p operations)
froydnj: why boggle? your program has interacting-thread components, you want to test them, no?
froydnjkpreid: I suppose so
kpreidI'm boggled at the notion of *not* testing things just because they involve threads
froydnjI'm boggled at the notion of using threads in the first place :)
attila_lendvaikpreid: sounds good, but i doubt you can get that into asdf...
froydnjwhy not try to rearrange things so w-c-u only gets invoked on, you know, compile-op?
kpreidfroydnj: I assumed the intent was to wrap all compile-ops in the overall operation
oh, I see
my suggestion won't help if the tests caused the compilation
attila_lendvaifroydnj: COMPILE alread wraps w-c-u
s/wraps/wraps with/
kpreidCOMPILE doesn't, COMPILE-FILE does
attila_lendvaiyep, my bad
kpreidI think the Real Problem here is sbcl's compiler-lock, though
I recognize the probable relative difficulty of fixing it :)
attila_lendvaii'm not compiling anything in the tests, but somehow spawning threads or soemthing is locked out
froydnjattila_lendvai: my point is that asdf::operate does w-c-u unconditionally, even for operations that don't need it (e.g. test-op)

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