#lisp - Thu 22 Mar 2007 between 18:45 and 19:00

puchaczI see what you mean.
RiastradhEvery time you write a macro, you are creating a new language.
puchaczdon't you think that defclass is a little verbose by default?
puchaczok, I give up :)
gigamonkeypuchacz: sometimes.
lichtblaumatter of taste
RiastradhEvery time you write a macro, ask yourself this question: By requiring the reader of my code to understand a new language, am I making myself so much clearer that it is worth the extra space the reader must reserve in his mind for the new language?
luispuchacz: compared with defstruct, maybe
gigamonkeypuchacz: but not so much that just living with it isn't better than the alternative.
mikezorluis: So I take it that cl-opengl-thomas is the way of the future?
luismikezor: after thomas001 stops agonizing over performance non-issues and finishes the VA API, we will propose it for merge.
_3bheh, I need to get back to doing GL stuff so i can complain about performance non-issues too :p
mikezorAnd cl-opengl-thomas also includes Bart Botta's work on extension-handling?
luismikezor: correct
kpreidpuchasz: small reason to like defclass: it makes you think about: does this slot need an initarg? does this slot need an accessor, rather than just a reader? what should the accessor/reader be named?
nikodemusif you are writing a lots of isomorphic defclasses, then a macrolet or define-foo-class is ok, and _does_ make code easier to read
puchaczwell, honestly, I understand your point - macro makes a potential reader (a human) to check the macro definition, but still - I dare to opt for a macro as a shortcut here, sorry.
imagine a class that represents unix like privileges, i.e. it has slots: owner group owner-writable? group-readable? group-writable? others-readable? others-writable?
it is just a container, but defining it as a class gives me some benefits.
hefnerso far, I think I'd use an integer :)
puchaczreally? a bit mask?
luisHeh, and some predicates, why not? :)
lichtblaulet's take CLIM and replace all lists of keywords with enums!
hefnerless consing!
lichtblauno more :sansserif vs :sans-serif.
hefnerlichtblau: only second day newbies make errors like that.
lichtblauhefner: and backend authors
puchaczbut easy, it is not *that* important to agree in everything
nikodemuswhee, lutz is on the roll
hefnerpuchacz: the interface to your permissions (group-readable?, etc) is really the important thing. If these are generic functions, it doesn't matter whether you used a class, strcture, integer bitmask, or whatever to represent them.
puchaczhefner: true
I even have some inference, like (can-read? user group)
mxbAnyone know whats wrong with common-lisp.net??
puchaczsorry, (can-read user group data-with-permissions)
kpreidmxb: is there something wrong with it right now?
mxbI'm getting mail bounced back.

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