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jsnellkpreid: yeah, that's basically because it turns into a double negative in the macroexpansion, and for a double negative it looks as if both branches were taken
Cinnyef, I'm wondering about the DLL right now, what's that for? but the source code answers a lot of questions about the CLISP FFI that I couldn't find on the documentation that will enable me to implement what I need myself, so it's useful to me regardless of its weird C DLL
jsnellI'm not sure whether there's some way to make the heuristic suck less
ModiusSay I have a downloaded ASDF library - and I've pushed its path into asdf:*central-registry*. . . . How do I find out what to pass into (asdf:operate 'asdf:load-op ?
In this case, the library is cl-containers, and its dependencies metatilities and moptilities
kpreidModius: the names of .asd files
Modius: if they have been loaded, then anything in (defsystem <system-name-here> ...)
an .asd file will define at least a system named the same as the file, and possibly more
jsnellgigamonkey: and it specifically fails only in slime, and not if you run from the command line and do e.g. (require :sb-bsd-sockets)?
gigamonkeyjsnell, ah fails at the command line too.
Cinnyef, and I'm not really sure what's wrong with GPL so I won't comment on that
jsnellI wonder whether some asdf wizard could make it so that people's customizations can't interfere with the contribs
gigamonkeyBut if I comment out the loading of A-B-L SLIME works fine.
jsnellah, you're missing an / in the pathname
gigamonkeyjsnell: was that to me?
Modiuskpreid: Thanks.
jsnell/usr/local/sbcl-1.0.3/lib/sbcl <-> /usr/local/sbcl-1.0.3/lib/sbcl/
gigamonkeyjsnell: doesn't help.
Though I agree that that's how it should be given Lisp's persnikittyness.
tritchey_gigamonkey: do you have a-b-l ignore the sbcl directory?
gigamonkeytritchey_: that's what I'm trying to do.
jsnelldon't know what it could be then (I don't use a-b-l)
Cingigamonkey, I'm using LispBox, and I can use (oos 'asdf:load-op 'whatever) for the chapters. but when I add a systems folder to the *central-registry* and populate it with an .asd, asdf doesn't pick it up. it's a fresh install, too. there doesn't happen to be something overriding *central-registry* or anything, is there?
gigamonkeytritchey_: look at my most recent paste annotation for my (almost current) .sbclrc
Cin: I think there is.
sorry, Lispbox isn't really (yet) designed for "grown up" Lisp use.
gigamonkeyIf you want to add libraries you need to basically drop them in the right place under the Lispbox directory.
The good news is that you then don't have to muck with the *central-registry* because there's some ASDF customization that just grovels through the filesystem looking for .asd files.
Cingigamonkey, by lispbox, you mean the practials directory?
gigamonkeyCin: that sounds right.
actionCin has a go
Cinhas a go
oh, there's also a libraries directory. *tries that too*
pkhuonggood evening, dsteuber.

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