#lisp - Thu 15 Mar 2007 between 00:00 and 02:01

coffee-mugI define mypackage, but I only want to make it use rt and load unit test code when I do asdf:load my-unit-test
does that make sense?
I'm not sure if I'm explaining what I'm trying to accomplish well
rudicoffee-mug: vaguely - to test mypackage, I'd create a package mypackage-tests that uses mypackage and rt
coffee-mugrudi: that's what I did originally
rudiand do all tests in mypackage-tests - that way you don't accidentally use any internal symbols of mypackage
coffee-mugproblem with that is that for such a set up mypackage would have to export everything
but I want to test internal stuff as well
rudicoffee-mug: write mypackage::internal-symbol
that way it's apparent that you're using internal functionality in the tests
and the unwary code reader gets a hint of "don't do that"
actionrudi thinks that's a Good Thing
rudithinks that's a Good Thing
that does make sense
ruditests are documentation, if there isn't any :)
coffee-mugyes yes
that is true
actually I think you make a very good point
vagifI'm using kill the form Ctrl-Alt-K and then yank Ctrl-Y to copy a form. How can i do it in one stroke ?
There's Ctrl-Alt-@ to copy mark the form
then I can use Alt-W to copy marked region
but this is again 2 strokes
how can i do it in 1 stroke ?
nyefCustom keybinding?
vagifnever mind. i created a new command in lispworks
I finally wrote my macro
it just calls apply :|
but it took _ages_ to write
_sledge_gigamonkey: thanks for the pointer (pun intended) to the CFFI mailing list
luis_sledge_: what's up?
sledgeluis: not much :)
I should thank balooga for his pointer.
baggitoif i use a with-slots within a with-slots with the same names of slots on different objects, it is always the inner-most ones that are used, right?
just a sanity check
sledgegigamonkey is the one who asked the question on the cffi ml
luissledge: ah, want to pass lisp objects to C too?
sledgeI kinda started the whole question. gigamonkey picked it up and asked the CFFI guys

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