#lisp - Sun 11 Mar 2007 between 17:06 and 17:17

rahulthere's no standard for simula
v0|dwho runs at 2 TFlops? i though electron would not go over 8ghz.
rahulv0|d: electrons aren't what powers electrical circuits.
_deepfireEULAChiatDay, a synonym for "less effect for more resources wasted"?
dsteuberHmmm. 10% of a huge file is still pretty big.
rahulv0|d: photons do, electrons merely provide the electrical charge that gets moved
EULAChiatDay_deepfire: theres no such thing...its all about... the people in the end
dsteuberI don't believe in photons I can't see.
gigamonkeyAnyone here sitting at a non-SLIME REPL?
tcrphao: http://www.purl.org/stefan_ram/pub/doc_kay_oop_en
dsteuberI sometimes go into CLisp's command line.
But not right now.
rahulphao: although lisp had the other OOP aspects since the 50s
gigamonkeyI'm wondering if say Lispworks or Allegro give you any indication that you've typed return in the middle of an expression the way SLIME does.
tcrgigamonkey: Note that SLIME does only so if the sexp is not correctly balanced.
EULAChiatDaygigamonkey: Both IDEs suck so much
gigamonkeytcr: That's what I mean by "in the middle".
But I take your point--if you've already got a full expression and you hit return in the middle it sends it.
Which I sometime find annoying.
rahulI think C-RET will insert a literal newline
or some modifier...
tcrrahul: Close, C-j it is.
dsteuberI hate when C-c C-c is ignored.
phaorahul: so 1959.. correct?
dsteuberOr maybe my lack of system memory is bogging things down
rahulphao: basically
EULAChiatDayprogramming is hard. i am stupid. i wish i were a well paid actor. waaaaa mum, dad i hate you!
rahulphao: at least, lisp functions were polymorphic back then. there were no macros to separate the different morphs from each other
dsteuberThat was the problem. Big long delay.
rahulphao: the theoretical underpinnings were there in the language to do OOP, it just required someone to come up with the paradigm to find out a good syntax for expressing such programs
so, since lisp was made it can 'suport' oop?
rahulI guess the introudction of defstruct was essential
antifuchsI say it was typecase (:
rahulnot sure when that happened
antifuchsthanks for the texinfoified iterate manual, loliveira!
rahulantifuchs: that gives you polymorphism, but not encapsulation (with strong types) or inheritance
antifuchsrahul: heh. in brucio mode, I'd argue that this is only one macro away (:

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