#lisp - Thu 1 Mar 2007 between 02:00 and 05:19

redwyrmhow would I declare one of these?
I take it the vector function doesn't do this
foomlook at the arguments to make-array
nyefredwyrm: The :FILL-POINTER option for MAKE-ARRAY.
foomas pointed out above, you often also want adjustable with your fill-pointer.
redwyrmare arrays and vectors the same?
nyefredwyrm: No, vectors are a subset of arrays.
foomarrays can be multidimensional
e.g. (make-array '(4 4 4))
redwyrmah, k
nyefUgh. 1:10ish already? I knew that afternoon nap was a bad idea. :-/
marvinaloneso i'm trying to use the series package in clisp, and i run (asdf:operate 'asdf:load-op :series) to load it, and then (use-package 'series) to use it
the call to use-package complains that the sympol series is defined twice, once in series, and once in common-lisp-user
what do i do?
jdzuse the correct restart
antifuchsyou define your own package (using defpackage)
jdzor instead of (use-pakage 'series) do (use-package :series)
marvinalonejdz: what's the difference between the two?
jdz: (that works, btw)
jdzi know it works :)
marvinalone: i suggest you read about symbols
marvinalone: and the lisp reader
luismarvinalone: it's actually quite funny.
marvinaloneluis: what is? symbols and the lisp reader?
luismarvinalone: when you say 'series in the cl-user package, you're interning the cl-user::series symbol.
marvinalone: and immediately afterward you're importing the series:series symbol (and many others) so there's a clash
marvinaloneoh, i see
well, thanks, that helped. both did. :-)
antifuchshi gigamonkey!
neilvmy first slime enhancement: highlighting the frame expressions in the backtrace when you mouse over them
is this non-standard code? ((lambda (x) (* x x)) 4)
redwyrmah, good
Zhivagobut it is not commonly used
redwyrmI have a function that returns a lambda, and I want to execute it
but ((func) arg) gives an illegal function call error
Zhivago, what do you think?

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