#lisp - Sun 25 Feb 2007 between 02:09 and 03:10

lukegoah ok. methinks I was just not suitably motivated
I'd susbtitute in _Understanding the Linux Kernel_
beachfrom L&L, I learned that people who complain about Lisp needing an indirection to call a function whereas C doesn't, don't know what they are talking about. :)
beslyrusyeah, try single-stepping through the ldso stuff to see what happens when lisp calls a function
beachheh, no thanks!
lukegoArchitecture of Concurrent Programming (Brinch Hansen) for would be on my list for "software engineering", but I don't know what else off hand. so little reading these days
beachlukego: I recognize the problem.
neilvanyone have the cl-ppcre docs in texinfo/info format? i can't find any such thing with google
sohailhey do functions and classes share the same namespace?
because I want to defun a function that does make-instance of a class, but it has the same name
as the class
rmewhat happens if you (defclass car ...)?
sohailit hurts me
thats too bad.. I wonder if the restriction is necessary
luisrme: that was a bad example
sohail: the answer is no, they don't share the same namespace.
sohailthough sbcl warns me
"style warning"
but I can live with that, and no more newlines
beachsohail: what was the name you used?
sohailbeach, tick
beachhmm, what was the style warning?
sohailSTYLE-WARNING: redefining TICK in DEFUN
rmesorry sohail. that was sort of rude of me.
beachsohail: that was probably just a redefinition of the function.
sohailbeach, oh, you're probably right
phew. I was thinking lisp wasn't perfect for a second there
beachwhat do you mean "joke" :)
beslyrusalright, where is time-t defined?
ah, output/stuff-groveled-from-headers.lisp
of course
unlordthere must be a better way to do (cons (fn a b) (cons (fn c d) '()))
neilvstrange. looks like cl-ppcre ":register" syntax accepts more than one term without error, but ignores all but the first
sohailunlord, one of the map functions?
neilv> (cl-ppcre::scan '(:register "a" "b") "ab")

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