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with nested lisp statements does it work from the inside out? or outside in?
brominewell think about it
(+ (+ 2 2) 3)
OfficerHotpantsi'm just wondering because in one of my classes there was a language (possibly prolog?) that worked from the outside in
bromineit can hardly do the outer expression before it knows the value of the inner
OfficerHotpantsokay. just making sure
also what does cddr do?
bromineits like cdr
OfficerHotpantswhats the difference?
brominethe cdr of the cdr
levi_homeOfficerHotpants: You can compose car and cdr by putting a's and d's between the c and r. So the car of a cdr is cadr, and the cdr of a cdr is cddr, etc.
brominethis gets confusing for anything much over 4 extra lettres
beachgood morning
for me though, it's good night. midnight here in ohio
is there a function in lisp to calculate the average of a list? if there is i would assume it would be called, average
beachOfficerHotpants: you would have to write it yourself
OfficerHotpantsbeach: no problem. just had to ask
beachOfficerHotpants: (defun average (list) (/ (reduce #'+ list) (length list)))
OfficerHotpantsyeah. thats what i was thinking. so far LISP is pretty interesting
hey, do you do AI programming? i'm assuming you do if you program in lisp
beachOfficerHotpants: for the past few decades, we have written it "Lisp".
OfficerHotpants: No, I write things like gsharp.
minion: tell OfficerHotpants about Gsharp
minionOfficerHotpants: look at Gsharp: Gsharp is a graphical, interactive score editing application for standard Music notation. http://www.cliki.net/Gsharp
OfficerHotpantsbeach: whats gsharp?
oh. interesting
beachOfficerHotpants: and McCLIM
minion: tell OfficerHotpants about McCLIM
minionOfficerHotpants: have a look at McCLIM: McCLIM is Mike McDonald's Free and portable implementation of CLIM, the Common Lisp ueber-Graphics Toolkit and a Common Lisp Library. http://www.cliki.net/McCLIM
beachminion: tell OfficerHotpants about Climacs
minionOfficerHotpants: direct your attention towards Climacs: Climacs is an Emacs-like text editor written in Common Lisp. http://www.cliki.net/Climacs
OfficerHotpantsi know i'm going to get flamed for saying this but i was never a fan of emacs
i'm a vim kinda guy
beachOfficerHotpants: when Lisp was mainly used for AI, it as indeed written "LISP". Now that it is the most sophisticated object-oriented langauge around, people use it for anything.
OfficerHotpantsi was wondering because I hear python is pretty good for AI. i just wanted to know what you thought about that
tritcheyMini_OfficerHotpants: I use it to create web sites
OfficerHotpantslisp or python?

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