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hkBsthow do you squeeze milk out of grass...
Lacrimosaadd some Arabidopsis thaliana and voila u got the milk
noteventimelacrimosa: http://www.soya.be/how-to-make-soy-milk.php ?
Lacrimosanoteventime: thanks anyway
_deepfireso, while analysing the failure path in clim-listener, i came to the following conclusion:
sb!impl:directory-lispy-filenames produces filenames which are unconsumeable by sb-unix:unix-lstat
sb-unix:unix-lstat does OUTPUT-TO-C-STRING/ASCII, while sb!impl:directory-lispy-filenames calls C-STRINGS->STRING-LIST, which seems to be encoding agnostic (by virtue of returning simple-strings
Lacrimosa_deepfire: try allegro, they have a wonderful string library
_deepfirelacrimosa, i'm going with sbcl :-)
summing that up, sb!impl:directory operates on different entity types than sb-unix:unix-lstat
that's by itself is pretty useless information, sigh
absent some vision for a solution
oh, i have an idea
separate pathname from its representation
i.e. let the pathname be a dumb byte array
and at the same time, let it print according to locale
that of course goes against the CL spec
or, does it?
valid pathname directory n. a string, a list of strings, nil, :wild, :unspecific, or some other object defined by the implementation to be a valid directory component.
it seems dumb byte arrays can be returned by pathname-directory/pathname-name
puchaczhi, can I set up slime to start in my-package rather than cl-user?
lisppaste_deepfire pasted "how to make slime start in a specific package" at http://paste.lisp.org/display/37019
_deepfirepuchacz, the key things are: 1. you M-x gamedev, instead of M-x slime 2. in that gamedev elisp snippet you do (slime-repl-set-package ":PACKAGE-NAME")
puchacz_deepfire: I use Slime over the socket, does it still apply?
_deepfirepuchacz, the downside is that: 1. you have to slime-load-file which defines your package 2. slime appears totaly unresponsive while slime-load-file proceeds
puchacz, i do not see why not
puchacz, slime-xxx operate on the remote lisp instance
puchacz, (where xxx is -load-file, -set-repl-package etc)
oh, i see
puchaczok, I will try with slime-connnect, thanks
_deepfirethat which i pasted wouldn't work out-of-the-box for you
adeht"The troublesome thing about Sawfish was that it was written in its own Lisp dialect so as part of Sawfish you got both an extra lisp interpreter and GTK+ bindings for it. This meant that the C/C++ skills in the GNOME community didn't lend themselves well to fixing bugs in Sawfish."
_deepfirepuchacz, no, it seems slime-connect has no way to specify an init-function, which is a shame
puchacz_deepfire: yes, I found it takes port and host only, and &optional kill-old-p :(
_deepfirepuchacz, well, you can circumvent that too
i think, all you need is to wait until the connection is established, and then execute the init-function, as-is

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