#kubuntu - Tue 8 May 2007 between 02:05 and 02:20

intelikeyVJ uncompressed <<< what's that ?
nicknameintellikey:uh is it ppp?
actionhitmanWilly looks extremely puzzled at that
hitmanWillylooks extremely puzzled at that
stdinlespea: if it works with sh (dash) it will work with anything :)
intelikeynickname don't be coy
lespeastdin: instead of #!/bin/sh you should use #!/bin/bash
BenPAso which should I use and is the 2nd one free? or trial?
intelikeyi know it's ppp but why ?
what's causing it.
lespeastdin: but different interpreters have different nuances -- so your script might break otherwise
nicknameuse ptdd, it is cripple ware; it wont restore files, but it WILL rebuild your partitions.
intelikeyipx protocol ? why would i need ipx for only dialup ?
stdinlespea: dash is posix compliant, so it should be fine, and not everyone has bash (and not always in /bin too)
BenPAnoname is there a website for it?
lespeastdin: hmm...
BluesKajhatter, then you still have the ati-xorg-driver & source installed ...uninstall it from adept once you get X working again
hatterBluesKaj: hey theres an idea, do you think that could have conflicted with the mga driver ?
BluesKajvery possible hatter
nicknameintellikey of course! it's the RFC 1144 `VJ' Van Jacobson TCP header compression
intelikeywell if google has a clue it may be my kernel.....
nicknamebenpa: www.ptdd.com
intellikey: its a config option for slip w/ pppd
intelikeynickname ? kernel config option ?
intelikeyi'm presently using the ubuntu 2.6.15-28-386 latest for dapper
nicknamepppd deamon try restarting the pppd with -novjcid that should turn off compression, but I don't think that error is signifigant enough to fix
sorry, meant to say it's part of the pppd deamon
intelikeyah i see.
maybe enabling ipx protocol would fix it
nicknamemaybe. it has to do with the way the ppp handles slip connections
more info here: http://osdir.com/ml/network.poptop/2006-06/msg00099.html
and here: http://docs.hp.com/en/B9106-90007/pppd.1.html
ses1959_question what does man sane mean after a make install
is this the manual for the program
biovoretype man sane at a command prompt
intelikeywell i turned the ipx protocol back on, we'll see if that fixes the error.
ses1959_ man man

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