#kubuntu - Sat 5 May 2007 between 02:02 and 02:06

DragnslcrAlonea- heh, welcome to the world of *nix
johanmy linux
the mbr was on ide
Druntarok here's the prob I'm on the live cd and when I click install on my desktop it locks up at choose language
intelikeythen it needs to be 0 (assuming you are changing bios to get it to boot that disk
DragnslcrAlonea- making graphical interfaces for *nix programs so that non-geeks can use Linux is relatively new
AloneaDragnslcr: heh. though I think my biggest pet peev is programs that have guis, but dont put themselves in the K Menu.
Druntarok mouse stopped again
slougijohan: intelikey: that's exactly what i wanted to check
intelikeyyeah you need to switch the 0 and 1
Linux_GaloreAlonea: well its because how UNIX works, Unix apps in general are built like lego so they have a command line toolset and then someone creates a graphical front end for those things
makuseruhow can i figure out wht harddrive (brand and model) i have?
DragnslcrAlonea- yup, that's pretty annoying
slougiit's been too long since I really fiddled with grub
AloneaDragnslcr: really? I don't know C ++yet, but I am learning Java and guis are quite easy. Just didn't think it was that hard, thats all.
slougijohan: so switch the two arguments around
intelikeyyeah i'd use lilo for that. doesn't care so much about bios just real phisical addressing.
AloneaDragnslcr: especially when you install a bunch of things, then forget about what you installed
slougiintelikey: you need to use a text editor to edit the file, nano for example
johan: you need to use a text editor to edit the file, nano for example
slougiintelikey: sorry :)
johanok edit what file
mattchewiemakuseru - alt+f2, type in konsole and at the prompt type in lspci
slougijohan: yes
johani can use pico
makuserumattchewie: thanks
DragnslcrAlonea- simple GUI's for simple CLI programs are pretty easy to make, it's just that nobody has bothered for a lot of them
slougijohan: if it is installed use pico. if not, use nano. it is _exactly_ like pico.
intelikeyit's a symlink to nano
johanso what should i change?
mattchewiemakuseru - bah nevermind, I was thinking of how to get the chipset for you HD[ :( DOH!
slougiintelikey: ah wasn't aware of that
DragnslcrI love nano

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