#kubuntu - Fri 4 May 2007 between 01:13 and 01:22

jrickmike: ask for help on the community forum from frostwire's website
intelikeyif this was unix you would already have surpassed your troll quota too
YorokobiThe nick alone would have been above tolerance
SCOTrollI act like an ass on EFnet #freebsd without any problems.
Dragnslcrintelikey- audacity doesn't give me any sound when I play the file
jrickmike: i'm stuck on what to do next
SCOTrollAnyway, did anyone notice SCOX stock went up four cents today?
intelikeyDragnslcr then it's the output device selected in audacity's menu
Dragnslcr try selecting arts and alternatively alsa
SCOTrollIf they can get it over a dollar with some more PR and P&D, they'll be able to comply with Nasdaq's requirements.
I'm going to pissed if my shares become OTC stock.
The judge is partial IMHO.
FearMothHi, how can I configure my Intel 3945ABG wireless to use WPA TKIP/PSK ?
SCOTrollWith a partial judge, SCO could prove that Linux has stolen code.
jrickwill you please get off of here troll?
SCOTrollWith Mark Shuttleworth would be falling over himself to pay Darl.
jrickthis has nothing to do with kubuntu help.
jbrouhardMay i recommend SCOTroll be kicked ?
SCOTrollMay I recommend you be kicked?
Skrot-May I recommend on-topic discussion?
jbrouhardSkrot-: I agree
Skrot-FearMoth: Feisty?
jrickmike: I just install frostwire and got the same problem
SCOTrollAs soon as some Linux fanatic comes asking about how to mount his USB drive so he can view his pengiun porn, I'll be glad to be on topic.
kgxbtw, has been a fix to the missing bootsplash in kubuntu?
Dragnslcrintelikey- if I export the wav as an ogg and play it in XChat, I get loud noise
Skrot-Well, either be on-topic or go to #offtopic and do your rambling there
dsmith_Q: how do you mount my USB drive so I cant ake SCOTRoll shutup
SCOTrollSkrot-: I would be glad to.
jrickhaha very funny
ILoveRMSRichard Stallman is my idol.
intelikeyDragnslcr does it play in amarok ?
sheldoncRMS is a crack victim
FearMothSkrot- yes, Feisty..
intelikeywho's Richard Stallman ?
dsmith_!richard stallman
sheldoncintelikey: only person you need to know is Linus Torvalds
hah :)

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