#kubuntu - Wed 16 May 2007 between 00:58 and 01:05

I'm trying it
intelikeyor verify this disk
bassgoonthis maky take some time...
well thanks for helping an impatient noob :p
what's the difference between an 'alternate' and a 'desktop' iso?
kristjan_bassgoon: alternate doesn't have livecd
so if I just want to install...
Jucatobassgoon: Desktop CD = Live CD with graphical installer
Alternate Install CD = text-based installer with more advanced options
intelikeyhey at least we didn't do you like the call in support on most things anymore. they put talking to a machine for at least 5 minutes. not because they are all busy, oh no. it's so you will cool off and not bless them out...
actionkristjan_ gives another try to kde4
kristjan_gives another try to kde4
bassgoonI can probably swing the text based one
not a total noob
eye_Does anyone know anything about gtkmm?
Jucatoeye_: try if there's a #gtk channel?
bassgoondoes kubuntu usually recognize all the devices on older dell laptops?
Hatsuyukithe text mode installer is easy peasy even if you ARE a noob (back when I first tried kubuntu (breezy) there was only text installer)
bassgoonHatsuyuki, I've tried a lot of crazy linux distros before
eye_Jucato, yes! thank you!
bassgoonI tried gentoo 64, and fc3 x64
Jucatooh 64-bit...
Hatsuyukiwouldnt call (k)ubuntu crazy personally but I <3 it sooo... lol
bassgoonHatsuyuki, no I wouldn't either
fc3 x64 and 2006.1 gentoo x64
hitmanWillybassgoon: u should have np
intelikeyHatsuyuki some would
what about linksys wireless cards
Hatsuyukitrue, intelikey
daniHi! Quick question, I installed ssh, and my public IP is
intelikey(crazy) that would be in #ubuntu this is #kubuntu we say (krazy) in here... :)
very true
bassgoonin #ubuntu wouldn't it be grazy?

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