#kubuntu - Sun 29 Apr 2007 between 00:59 and 01:09

stoftdwidmann: ok, thnx
LettuceJoansmkdir: cannot create directory `/media/sda5': File exists
jaeveldwidmann, whats the gnome text editor?? i need to type into konsole?
dwidmannJaevel: gedit
stoftLettuceJoans: ok, try only the second part of the command: "sudo mount -t ext3 /dev/sda5 /media/sda5"
dwidmannLettuceJoans: that's okay, I just through that in just-in-case it didn't
Whiz2can no one help me with myproblem?
dwidmannI'll take a look at it Whiz2
LettuceJoansok, I said "sudo mount -t ext3 /dev/sda5 /media/sda5" pressed enter and it dodn't give me any message
is that good?
Whiz2dwidmann: ty
dwidmannLettuceJoans: should be, try going to /media/sda5 in konqueror and see if anything is there
stoftdwidmann: since it's a new partition he'll probably need to change ownership... right?
LettuceJoansthis disk is now mounted, there's a folder in it called "lost + found"
jaeveldwidmann, now reboot?
stoftLettuceJoans: sounds correct, try creating a small text file
LettuceJoansit won't let me save anything to it ;(
dwidmannWhiz2: so what exactly does it do when you run sudo /etc/init.d/teapop start
Jaevel: yep, and hope for the best
jaeveldwidmann, ok.. gonna try... thanks sooo much for the help!!!!!!!
dwidmannstoft: wouldn't doubt it
Whiz2dwidmann: uhhh i dunno i haven't used that yet. i usually just type "sudo teapop -s"
dwidmann: but i rebooted & it didn't start like ti was supposed to
leoberyl problems
dwidmannWhiz2: mmhmm
Whiz2dwidmann: could it be that it's using the wrong command?
dwidmannWhiz2: you can see what it said about the failure by looking in /var/log/messages probably
Whiz2dwidmann: ok lemme look
LettuceJoansthe mounting is done, but I can't save anything to it
dwidmannwait, that might be the wrong file
stoftLettuceJoans: in Konsole do "sudo chown -R <yourusername>: /media/sda5" replacing <yourusername> with your username
LettuceJoans: note the colon and spaces
dwidmannstoft, let me introduce you to your new friend, $USER
LettuceJoansit worked! :)
thank you for all your time
stoftdwidmann: doh, hadn't thought about that
LettuceJoans: glad it worked, have fun
LettuceJoansbtw, do you know where I can get ext3 drivers for windows?

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