#kubuntu - Sat 28 Apr 2007 between 00:14 and 00:23

agentnewbcrackhead_25: fine do a backup then try my method
be less time then waiting for their legislative hoo ha
ncallerIs it useful for me to be running acpid on a Desktop?
MooManagentnewb: is this a known issue? with bug number?
crimsuncrackhead_25: please read http://www.linux-sound.info/alsa/index.php?task=support and tell me the URL of the paste generated by the script linked from that page.
juifsournoisshould i worry about this in syslog and/or how do i stop it: Apr 27 22:48:26 grossebitch dhclient: DHCPDISCOVER on eth1 to port 67 interval 13
Jackcan anyone tell me how to use the canon i560 printer with kubuntu????
crimsuncrackhead_25: you'll need to download and execute that script with ``bash alsa-info.sh''
ncallerjack: step 1 search the web, find out if it is supported under linux
Jackncaller: there are serveral ways but the wont work
hitmanWillyjack: a good link for that is www.linuxprinting.org
MooManjack: canon printer have bad support in linux .. turboprint is an reliable but commercial and expensive driver that supports canon printers...
JackhitmanWilly: ncaller: the problem is: the printer is connected to a windows pc and i wont to connect to it
mooman: i know turboprint, tried it but the result was bad
MooManjack: afair there are also binary driver from canon for some models
draikjack: I used to network Kubuntu with WinXP for printer access
Works just fine
MooManjack: maybe search the ubuntu forums..
draikOf cource, I am using an HP printer with supported drivers
Jacki heard that the bjc 7000 driber would do AND that there is a driver in feisty for the 560, but cant find a way to get him running
ncallerjack this doesn't help you but the nice thing about HP's is many of them are supported via an official HP opensource driver (HPLIP.sourceforge.net) my all in one, is
starting the feisty upgrade now
the automatic upgrade notification and process is very impressive in adept
I was suprised
Jackncaller: i know that! but when i bought the printer i was running windows ;) i switched 3 months ago
DarkEDhi, i am having a problem getting my external hard drive to mount?
ncalleryeah what can you do, does the printer have an IPP interface or anything?
DarkED what kind of drive?
DarkEDncaller: it's a USB2.0 2.5" IBM travelstar 60GB
ncaller: it mounted fine before i upgraded to feisty (from edgy)
ncallerbasically USB
dennisterdoes anyone know how to check for all the reserved ports?
Jackncaller: dont think so! had it running under 6.10 with turboprint! no problem to connect to the windows pc and use the printer... but the result was SO bad....
DarkEDncaller: i try to mount /dev/sda1 manually but it says no entry in fstab/mtab, but it's a USB device so it shouldnt technically need one
ncallerits not automatically been mounted somewhere you don't know about has it?
DarkEDncaller: like a different machine?
hitmanWillyDarkED: did you check in /media ?
DarkEDhitmanWilly: yes
ncallerlike a different mount point
just run 'mount' to check, you probably already did though

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