#kubuntu - Thu 26 Apr 2007 between 00:00 and 00:05

lovlossnosrednaekim: Nope, its a pc
nosrednaekimhmm... does it have an onboard video?
rustinknellotron: yes
lovlossnosrednaekim: i believe it might. would it help to try moving the cable over?
nosrednaekimwell.. you won't be able to use the ati...
illriginalBogus IP Header? >.>
lovlossnosrednaekim: Yeah, i know... i really would like to be able to
illriginalsomeone sent me bogus IP headers
rustinknellotron: is pvt blocked?
nosrednaekimlovloss: I don't have a clue what your problem might be.... hmm... try setting the sync ranges REALLY wide in the xorg...
it can't hurt anything...
as long as its an LCD
lovlossnosrednaekim: LCD? i wish.
nosrednaekimlovloss: its not?
lovlossnosrednaekim: Im behind the times arent i
mcrandellowhats really wierd is if i spin the mouse in a circle i get 40 kBps, figure 8 gets me >100
lovlossnosrednaekim: its one of those deep ones
nosrednaekimthen check up the manual on it somewhere, find the sync ranges..
mcrandellomoving the mouse side to side is 75
nosrednaekimcrts are nice..good response times
lovlossnosrednaekim: the manual lol. i wonder how many years its been since i had that thing
nosrednaekimlovloss: the internet..maybe the back of the monitor itself... you need the sync ranges
vbgunzdid knetworkmanager OBSOLETE wireless lan assistant (wlassitant)?
nosrednaekimvbgunz: sorta..
lovlossnosrednaekim: all i know is that i ran edgy eft on a different box on this machine for a long time
mcrandellosince this is the vesa and not the fglrx driver should I file a bug with the kernel? It appears to be the ATIIXP driver
lovlossnosrednaekim: *on this monitor
rustinknellotron: guess i need register
nosrednaekimlovloss: hmm... interesting..can you get the sync ranges from that machine?
rr72im back
lovlossnosrednaekim: Unfortunately it was obliterated in the same car wreck that broke my femur.
nosrednaekimlovloss: ouch.
lovlossnosrednaekim: bad week. very bad
rr72im the guy with the wireless card problem who got it to work under xubuntu
rr72: thats always nice
knellotronruskin: what's your question?
mcrandellorr72, you are my hero
Jack32hmm, is there a way to get rid of these dialog boxes that pop down when hovering over, "minimize window" "close window" "expand"

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