#kubuntu - Wed 25 Apr 2007 between 00:54 and 01:01

rrmmyes same kernel
flaccidcomapre lsb_release -a and uname -a rrmm
pollyoflaccid: Could they also both be using a different kernel release with the same version#?
flaccidits possible, but i don't see how wifi relates to kernel
weswh-"mount -t ext3 -o rw /dev/hdb1 /media/hdb" works. again just not for user access. "sudo mount -t ext3 -o rw,uid=1001 /dev/hdb1 /media/hdb1" gives the error, and removing the comma gives the error as well
pollyoflaccid: I'n not sure myself. I'm just reaching on that idea.
james__hey anyone here have a logitech g7 mouse or similar?
rrmmNo LSB modules are available.
james__i can't get my extra buttons to work :(
realbtdoes anyone else find themselves stuck with gnome-style mouse pointers/cursors when using beryl?
pollyoweswh-: have you tried the defaults option?
flaccidweswh-: it works for me not sure why not for you
oh, well it says that uid1001 is the second user created
maybe i don't have that
i only have 1 user...so uid=1000 might be what i need
flaccidtry defaults but that uses suid
weswh-: ah yeah thats the problem
weswh-: next time pastebin the actual error output of the command
confirm uid by doing cat /etc/passwd | grep username
mgHi, I'm getting htpasswd2 (command not found) in feisty...apache2-utils are installed :S
duck_when trying to cp something in the command line, it won't let me, it just says "cp: omitting directory 'directoryname'"
weswh-oh, i also had a comma in there after the -o rw, uid= - that was a problem as well. but it did work that time, came back with the bad fs type, bad superblock, etc
rrmmpollyo: No LSB modules are available.
weswh-rather, not a comma - a space
flaccidduck_: you need to use the -R option to recurse a directory
bobstrodoes the konqueror file manager profile look wrong after upgrade to feisty? my menus are out of order, no folder entry. the webbrowsing profile seems ok.
flaccidweswh-: are you sure its ext3. verify with sudo fdisk -l
weswh-yeah, it comes up and says "Linux" on the fdisk -l
id 83?
rrmmim just wondering why that it will work on a live cd and not my system
ill burn a cd and see if it works on a kubuntu live cd
weswh-i'm starting to think something in the drive formatting or partition is wrong though
flaccid83 is ext3
pollyorrmm: Are you sure you downloaded the same versions?
flaccidweswh-: looks like it
weswh-: try doing it without -t
weswh-because I have stripped it down to this: "mount -o uid=1000 /dev/hdb1 /media/hdb", and it comes back and says bad fs type, bad superblock, etc.
flaccidsee if it will do it auto
pollyorrmm: The xubuntu site has links for 7.04 and 6.06.1 right next to eachother.

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