#kubuntu - Mon 23 Apr 2007 between 01:37 and 01:59

hitmanWillyfeisty has pretty good automount support
jermainthanks hitmanWilly
ses1959_using feisty and install the ntfs file from adept manager
hitmanWillyAlonea, about 20 different apps:) i think amarok will do it
i use sound juicer myself
AloneahitmanWilly: really? I tried that KAudioCreator a couple times and could not get it to work
ses1959_when using konqueror get window to pick program to use but could not one to work
used find file
hitmanWillyAlonea, it a gnome app but seems to work the best for me (pkg sound-juicer)
Alonea, actually, k3b might be able to do it too
Alonea, yes, k3b will rip cds
jemand da, der deutsch spricht und mir 1-2 fragen beantworten kann?
hitmanWilly!de | loomer
ubotuloomer: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de
AloneahitmanWilly: ok. will have to try that sometime.
hitmanWillyAlonea, yes, ripping right now :)
AloneahitmanWilly: ok, I still can't get it to play music...I have libxine1-ffmpeg and all the mplayer binary codecs. and I did that one thing you told me. what is missing?
hitmanWillyAlonea, hmm, nothing plays?
Alonea, that may be an alsa issue
AloneahitmanWilly: nothing. and its mp3s. I have tried in beep media player, kaffiene, and amarok.
hitmanWillyAlonea, do you get any sound at all?
Alonea, from anything?
AloneahitmanWilly: yeah, I get sound. the startup music. its just when players try to play the music, they lock up. the progress bar never moves
hitmanWillyAlonea, try adjusting the settings to force the players to use alsa
AloneahitmanWilly: under Xine or movieplayer?
hitmanWillyAlonea, in amarok its under engine in configure
Alonea, setup output plugin to alsa
AloneahitmanWilly: nope. doesn't help.
hitmanWillyAlonea, try different output plugin settings and see if any of them work
AloneahitmanWilly: ok. don't think it will help though. but will try.
hybrid_2Hi guys, can someone please assist.. i Have got VNC working on this machine, done it all remotely..
I want to set VNC up on my account that's currently logged in on the console
AloneahitmanWilly: hey, would this have anything to do with anything? A lot of times the crash handler thing says "artsd" crashes. i dunno what that is
hitmanWillyartsd is the kde sound daemon iirc
AloneahitmanWilly: what does iirc mean?
hitmanWillyAlonea, it actually crashes when you try to play mp3's?
iirc = if i remember correctly

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