#kubuntu - Thu 19 Apr 2007 between 01:03 and 01:07

kalorin`I have eclipse for programming
intelikeythey both run in a gui.... that's about the end of the comparison
flaccidit depends what you are coding. if you need more features than editing, thats what IDEs are for..
kamuithere in lies the beauty of vim
its an ide/text editor/ultimate editor.
apusanyone know where I can get info on seeding the torrent for tomorrow
imaginevi sux
kalorin`vim is very powerful, no question
jttyurimxpxman, original vi was not gui only command line
kalorin`I love vim
flaccidbut what features specifically are you talking about?
ubotuIf Adept crashed on you and your database is locked, try this in konsole: sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a
imagineI only use vi for editing config file
yurimxpxmanjtt: I'm running it in a terminal
flaccidits cool to say its ultimate but why
kamuiflaccid: I say that because it can do just about anything
you want it to do
jttyurimxpxman, ok type :1 see it it goes to line 1 of the file
flaccidkamui: thats a useless comment. it can't cook eggs for me
jttyurimxpxman, thats colon followed by 1
yurimxpxmanjtt: Thanks! That works! :D How do you show more than one line at a time then?
kamuiflaccid: that was also a useless comment, who wants a text editor to cook eggs
actionintelikey 's been trying for a month to get vim to make his bed
intelikey's been trying for a month to get vim to make his bed
hitmanWillyi do...
jttyurimxpxman, :1,5p
flaccidkamui: you never specified a limit. you said that it can do just about anything
sonicchaoOkay. you know the backround in konqueror?
hitmanWillyit would save me a lot of work
jttyurimxpxman, you ar taxing my memory
yurimxpxmanjtt: You are my hero! :D
kamuiwell flaccid: for a programmer I can understand that you really think the sky's the limit
flaccidso if you have no actual argument for vim..
sonicchao(say you were looking at trash:/ how do I change the background behind the icons?)
flaccidits called UoD
jttyurimxpxman, it takes most of the commands you would normally type at the prompt
in the gui that is
kamuibut in all seriousness, it can be used for almost anything related to text editing and data entry

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