#kubuntu - Tue 17 Apr 2007 between 00:00 and 00:20

hitmanWillyhitmanWilly, and preferably one that i don't have to hand confgiure sendmail for :)
kellenit is a ricoh
built into a Lenovo N100 laptop
I just found a couple posts on the ubuntu forums of people with the same problem
it appears there's no fix as of yet
somebody suggested that it's a result of upgrading the kernel
Shootfasterkellen - ok, that sucks :(
if its any consolation, my card reader doesnt work either :P
polly1I'm on my uncles computer and the thing is crawling at a snails pace (internet connection that is) any idea what could be causing it to be so slow?
It is a cable modem connection.
Shootfasterwhat version of ubnutu
Shootfasterclick ctrl esc and see what processes are running
TheDebuggerpolly1: I had a similar problem before, it was that ubuntu used the wireless connection from the neighbours instead of my own wired connection :P
polly1Could someone have hacked into this computer? Is there a /etc/rc.firewall by default?
Shootfasteryes its possible, but unlikely
hitmanWillypolly1, not on my system
polly1It is not a wireless network.
hitmanWilly: Ok. Thank you.
hitmanWillypolly1, then again, feisty
polly1, *i use
polly1, so your results may vary
polly1hitmanWilly: Ok
hitmanWilly: Thank you.
The connection was working fine about a week ago when I installed the software.
Someone might have gotten in...
hitmanWillypolly1, maybe...
polly1I just installed the firewall and set it up and things are working.
hitmanWillypolly1, any strange looking proc's?
polly1hitmanWilly: How could I tell? I am on ubuntu I usually use kde.
hitmanWilly: Is there a terminal command?
hitmanWillypolly1, like an ftp server or p2p client?
timothyhey, in kig, how do I find the coordinates of a point?
or is there a better geometrical program I should be using?
polly1How do I bring up the list of running proccesses?
From terminal mode again?
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