#kubuntu - Sat 14 Apr 2007 between 03:06 and 03:15

dazzahitmanWilly: no feisty
pranavhitmanWilly: I still have a problem in the codecs
jtthitmanWilly: can you be a little more specific i want to check mine against yours
hitmanWillypranav, did you upgrade to edgy?
dazzahitmanWilly: us?
hitmanWillydazza, yeah
dazzaahhhhhhh 20-15 is downloading now
pranavI did
hitmanWillypranav, just install the ubuntu-restriced-extras then
pranav, should work fine
dazza, told ya :)
pranavit gives the same old thing --package doesen' t exist!!
hitmanWillypranav, you may have to reconfigure your sources.list again
pranavoh ok
dazzahitmanWilly: that you did :)
hitmanWillypranav, mine won't work for you, unfortunately
actionhitmanWilly has feisty
hitmanWillyhas feisty
dazzahitmanWilly: tried beryl?
hitmanWillydazza, running it now
dazzahitmanWilly: did you lose your window manager?
hitmanWillydazza, makes aero look like windows 3.1
dazza, oh, the titlebars not popping up
dazzahitmanWilly: yep, that happened to me too
hitmanWillydazza, i had that prob, can't remember the fix, tho
dazzahitmanWilly: i also managed to kill X when i tried to run an opengl game windowed :)
hitmanWillydazza, heh
dazzahitmanWilly: could it have been kwin --replace ?
hitmanWillydazza, no, beryl uses its own manager called emerald
dazzahitmanWilly: hmm, ps aux showed me that emerald was running, but i still had no window decorations
hitmanWillydazza, there's a kde compatiblity package you have to install, if i remember right
dazza, hold on a sec...
tahlvinHow do I change the output options?
hitmanWillydazza: try installing aquamarine
hitmanWillydazza, then restarting beryl
dazzahitmanWilly: thanks :) i'll do it once this update finishes :-/ damn 512k adsl
hitmanWillydazza, and beryl-kubuntu
dazzahitmanWilly: there's no beryl-kubuntu
tahlvinHow would one go about switching the output ofone's compy to RCA.
hitmanWillydazza, yes there is

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