#kubuntu - Fri 13 Apr 2007 between 03:00 and 03:10

jza873i have the link if you wan tto try
but i had no luck
Tm_Tjza873: http://cvs.cinelerra.org/getting_cinelerra.php#ubuntu
look that one instead ;)
hitmanWillythat ones got repos :)
Cosmo_this driving me crazy , I installed the drivers for my brother 1840c printer but it is still not bringing up my printer drivers as an option when I try to add a printer
jza873problem is i dont have edgy i have feisty do you think that will make a diff edgy wouldnt load a driver for the gigabyte lan so i had to go with the newest
hitmanWillyjza873, shouldn't be, probably
jza873ok its downloading from the repo thanks ill see if it works
ubuntuwow, did I foobar things up
zombiedogI did that this morning
ubuntuI installed an nvidia update, and POW
no login
do u know the command to restore the xorg settings?
zombiedogActually, I just learned this this morning, I did the same thing
jza873yo hitmanWilly thanks it works
ubuntuI created a text file on my desktop, and put instructions there, but using the live cd, I cannot access that file
hitmanWillyjza873, good :)
jza873how did you address me in red tho
ubuntuzombiedog: u remember how u fixed it?
zombiedogI had made a copy of xorg.conf in the etc/X11 directory.
ubuntubad news fo me...no backup
zombiedogI think though that the system might make them automatically
Like, iterative
ubuntubut, the msg that came up after it installed the update, said to revert simply type cp....something
zombiedogThere's xorg.conf. Is there anything like xorg.conf.1, xorg.conf.2 etc
jza873any one have any ideas say i boot into cli and i type startx is there any way to tell it what desktop i want it to start in because it defaults to gnome and i dont like it much i want it to start in kde but it dont want to
hitmanWillyubuntu: did you download it from the nvidia site or from the repos
ubuntuwell it said if you have problems with the update, simply type <long string of stuff>
and I know the string began with "cp"
netdaemonwhat all do i need to play dvd's in kaffeine? got libdvdnav libdvdread3, and i ran the libdvdcss script and installed successfully
ubuntuwhatever that is
netdaemonrestarted kaffiene...still no go =(
ubuntuhitmanwilly: repos

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