#kubuntu - Thu 12 Apr 2007 between 00:00 and 00:12

cheeseboyany ideas?
conorkirk1oh, i have another question
is it possible to write some sort of script that changes the screen resolution before going into a screen saver?
sonoftheclayrconorkirk1: most likely
stdinconorkirk1: possible, yes. easy, no :p
GaiaX11stdin: Someone in #ubuntu+1 said that someone from here did it and was luck having problems only with X which was fixed. I am trying to identify who was the luck boy :-)
stdinconorkirk1: and it'll have to be different for kde and gnome sessions
cheeseboyany ideas?
conorkirk1poor video card cant do screensavers at 1024x768
stdinGaiaX11: it was probably because the name of the packages xserver-xorg-driver-* changed to xserver-xorg-video-*
conorkirk1Nvidia GeForce 4
WillLuongoWhen I upgraded to Edgy I am no longer able to select 1280 x 1024. Any ideas?
GaiaX11stdin: so how will I fix this if I have problems only with X?
conorkirk1willluongo: check xorg.conf maybe
Sideyi gonna feel really stupid in a room with you guys..
conorkirk1I do too!
cheeseboyim stupid too
stdinGaiaX11: just install "xserver-xorg-video-all" (after you break it) that should do it
GaiaX11: if you don't mind having to reinstall, give it a go (after a backup)
Sideyi need probably simple guidance. I am MS based tech. not linux based, but trying to learn atleast some linux. but hell the simple things are loosing me..
stdinWillLuongo: try reconfiguring the xserver "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg -phigh"
Sideythere used to be options to add workgroup, see IP etc under system settings. but be damned if I can find them
stdinSidey: that's because windows does things the wrong way :p
Sidey: System Settings -> Network Settings
Sideylol.. how true.. but thats how I learned. . had to start somewhere.. just started the wrong way
Arwenis it possible to set a program as fullscreen on only 1 display out of 2?
GaiaX11stdin: What if I install xserver-xorg-video-all before upgrading? Is it possiblo?
Sideywill look.. I got the machine here. so I dont have 2 run room to room again
stdinGaiaX11: probably not, you'll end up with some weird mix of dapper/feisty packages before upgrade then
GaiaX11: a good way to make help things work is to use aptitude to install ubuntu-minimal, ubuntu-standard and kubuntu-desktop, those are the main packages
GaiaX11stdin: So what do you recommend? Downloading the feisty alternate cd; backing up my data and install from scratch? is it?
stdinGaiaX11: install from scratch will be cleaner (and probably easier), but upgrade is possible too
Sideywell blasted anyway. looks like I got another bad cable. grr geez.. 2 in 1 week
@ 100 feet long just sucks
stdinGaiaX11: I'd say do a backup and give upgrade a go, if you can't get it working, then you can install and use your backup
flaccidan apt command available to flush apt cache or downloaded packages etc. ?
flaccid: apt-get clean
GaiaX11stdin: Thx. I will wait for stable; getting the alternate cd; backing up; give a upgrade a go and see what will happen :-)

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